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Pest-Pro Silent Flying Insect Traps

TMI's Curtron Products™ Division carries a complete line of bug lights that help control insects in all types of restaurant and food service applications. All Pest-Pro bug lights available through Curtron Products are “silent insect traps,” meaning that they silently capture and kill flying insects. As compared to the traditional “bug zappers,” these traps are equally effective but employees and customers will not be subject to the sound of insects getting “zapped.”

Curtron offers four series of bug lights ranging from wall sconce units to industrial size traps. The Pest-Pros omit high intensity UV light to attract the bugs and replaceable glue boards to capture the pests. The glue boards are unobtrusive and not visible until the bug trap is opened. All units are UL Listed, run on 120 VOLT/ Single Phase Power, include a three-prong plug, and carry a five-year limited warranty.

Pest Pro Light Kits

Pest-Pro Replacement Parts