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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Leading Industrial Strip Door Manufacturer

Welcome to TMI, LLC, the leading provider of energy control strip doors, warehouse safety solutions and a complete line of PVC-based products designed to streamline workflow, manage environments and increase energy savings.

TMI products are designed to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers. We specialize in helping companies better manage environments, improve workflow, reduce energy costs and create safer workplaces.

Below is a list of common problems a company may face and how we are able to help you overcome them.

Your Problem: Our Solution:
Temperature Control Strip Doors, Industrial Curtains, Air Curtains/Air Doors, Swinging Doors
Insect Control Bug Screens, Roll-Up Doors, Silent Insect Traps, Air Curtains
Food Safety Rack Covers, USDA-Grade Strip Doors, Equipment Covers, Bug Screen Strip Doors
Dock Safety Dock Lights, Dock Bumpers, Track Guards, Bollard Posts, Wheel Chocks
Facility Maintenance Speed Bumps, Parking Blocks, Traffic Control
Bulk Vinyl Supply Bulk Rolls, Coated and Laminated PVC, Vinyl Film, Panel Material, Strip and Sheet PVC

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PVC Pellets

What are the benefits of PVC-based doors?
TMI's doors effectively help to: Increase Energy Savings, Streamline Workflow . . .

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Almost everything is all about attention to detail; looking at the overlooked. A strip door is a powerful tool in your energy-saving arsenal. . .