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About TMI, LLC


The TMI group of companies produces and manufactures products such as strip doors, roll up doors, insect control doors, air curtains, impact doors and traffic doors. TMI's energy control and safety products can be found in airports, hospitals, retail spaces, warehouses, restaurants, and any other facility needing to improve productivity and increase energy savings.

A Brief TMI History:

  • 1988 – TMI Incorporated first opens its "strip doors" to the world
  • 1998 – Acquired Curtron Products to grow its restaurant and food service equipment product line
  • 2005 – TMI develops and patents industry changing Rip-A-Strip™ replacements strip system. The system creates a "strip door-in-a-box" that drastically cuts down on production and install time, giving dealers and end users a quick and easy tool to replace strips
  • 2006 – TMI introduces the revolutionary Save-T Loc™ hardware system. The hardware enables strip doors to be installed and replaced in a matter of minutes, cutting down on the time and money spent during an installation
  • 2006 – Purchased by ShoreView Industries, a venture capital firm that provided additional support that allowed TMI to continue developing beneficial products for its growing customer-base
  • 2007 – Officially became TMI International, LLC in 2007 and instantly acquired several organizations:
    1. Win Plastics Extrusion (state-of-the-art PVC Extrusion) enables TMI to control production process from "pellet to product," placing greater emphasis on customer satisfaction and service
    2. FlexBarrier Products (Atlanta-based manufacturer of PVC doors) gives TMI improved production and distribution channels to better reach and serve customers
  • 2009 – TMI opens a West Coast distribution facility to improve its ability to quickly and effectively serve its customers on the West coast
  • 2009 – TMI acquires Koroclear, a competing division of RJF International
  • 2011 – TMI unveils order tracking system that enable its customers to track orders on line and provide end users with up-to-date information on the status of their orders
  • 2011 – TMI institutes the "Quick Ship Challenge" to guarantee same-day shipping on products falling within TMI's Quick Ship category
  • 2013 – TMI acquires Simplex Isolation Solutions, one of the most prominent names in modular cleanrooms, softwall curtains, strip doors, separation and process isolation

Watch this Video of TMI Featured on The World's Greatest Companies:

TMI, LLC first introduced its strip doors to the world in 1988. A husband and wife who, during the day, sold strip doors and, during the night, manufactured the doors they sold. While the beginnings were humble, they understood the importance of a product that could manage environments without inhibiting workflow. Steadily, the company began to expand both in size and product offerings. Nearly 25 years later, the two-person strip door team has expanded to more than 100 people, working in four locations across the country and distributing hundreds of products. While the company has grown considerably, the focus remains the same; provide products that help manage environments, streamline workflow and reduce operating costs.

Today, TMI is a national leader within the PVC industry. TMI is a fully-integrated, leading international producer and supplier of innovative products and solutions designed to manage customer environments by improving workplace safety, employee/customer comfort, overall efficiency and energy savings. TMI has a wide range of products including strip doors, exclusive PVC based strip, film, panel and sheet products, PVC coated and laminated fabrics, air curtains/air doors, insect screens, roll up screen doors, swinging impact doors, curtains, modular enclosures and dock accessories. TMI produces that majority of the PVC rolls used in its doors and has complete control over it's quality program from the time the PVC is in a pellet form until it is a completed door. Additionally, TMI offers a full line of converting services include slitting, heat sealing, interleaving, sheeting and die-cutting.

TMI, LLC is headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA and also has operations in Cuyahoga Falls, OH, Norcross, GA and Fontana, CA. The main divisions consist of Save-T Solutions™, which services the overhead door and material handling industry; Vinyl Solutions, which provides flexible PVC products to the OEM market; Curtron Products™, which specializes in the food service industry; FlexBarrier Products, which specializes in cold storage solutions; Win Plastics, LLC, a manufacturer of flexible and rigid PVC sheet and roll goods; and Simplex Isolation Systems, a manufacturer of innovative cleanroom and isolation products.