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Air Curtains - Air Doors

TMI’s line of Industrial and Commercial Air Curtains are ideal for managing your workplace environment and protecting your facility, employees and customers from the vast array of internal and external contaminants. As your best “always opened, always closed” solution, Save-T® Air Curtains allow unobstructed traffic flow through your high traffic and high use door openings.

TMI’s unique air compression chamber creates a "Coanda Effect" that collects air emitted from the blowers and creates a concentrated air stream that flows from the chamber and covers the entire doorway with a solid shield of air. This highly uniform airstream reduces unwanted/unconditioned air infiltration while enabling doorways to be left open so that people, equipment and inventory can pass freely. There are no gaps in our air flow!

In the summer, Save-T Air Curtains keep hot, humid air and bugs outside where they belong, while maintaining a cool, comfortable environment inside. In the winter, Save-T Air Curtains recirculate the hot air that naturally rises to the ceiling, keeping the exterior cold drafts from entering through open doorways and prevent heated air from escaping.

All material utilized in TMI, LLC air doors is of the highest quality to ensure ultimate performance and a long lasting product. Most TMI air doors are constructed with 100 percent stainless steel components, making the unit rust free and more durable.

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