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Curtron Introduces A New Product Catalog for all Foodservice Applications 

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Curtron Products is proud to announce the availability of an all-new product catalog.  This exciting new literature covers the entire Curtron Product Line, including strip doors, rigid and flexible swinging doors, rack and equipment covers and safety devices.

The first thing long-time Curtron users will notice is the attractive layout and eye-catching graphics that pull the reader in.  The brochure makes an emotional connection to foodservice professionals of all types, and helps to convey Curtron’s position as a leader in environmental control products.

Our goal was to elevate the entire Curtron Product line for our dealers and end-users to better reflect their position in the industry, and when you see it we think you’ll agree that it is impressive. Available free of charge, request your copy today! 

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TMI Doors and Dock Safety

Click image to download

TMI International LLC announces the release of Industrial and Commercial Doors and Dock Safety, a 32-page full-color catalog covering their extensive line of PVC strip doors, swinging doors, roll-up doors and air doors, as well as dock bumpers, wheel chocks, trailer stands, machine guards, bollards, posts and dock lighting. This comprehensive catalog is available free of charge by request at

TMI is a leading manufacturer of industrial and commercial PVC strip, flexible PVC impact and vinyl roll-up doors commonly used in warehouses, distribution centers and manufacturing facilities. To meet customer demand for complimentary products that could be also sourced through their preferred vendor, TMI became a master distributor for a range of high-quality door and dock safety products.

“When someone wants to increase the safety, longevity and productivity of their dock area, it’s a big convenience to be able to get everything from one place” said David Schneider, Sr. Marketing Manager. “Dealers of rolling and sectional doors for example, can add track guards, dock bumpers, wheel chocks and trailer lights all with one call.”

Every product in the new catalog is backed by over 30 years of expertise in designing doors systems and working with customers to find the right solution for their needs. From security gates to portable bug screens, TMI has the products and the experience to ensure a trouble-free installation.

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The Ideal Material for OSHA Compliance: Flexible PVC

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grind-openOSHA 1910.123(a) outlines the general requirements for personal protective gear “when  necessary by reason of hazards of processes or environment, chemical hazards, radiological hazards, or mechanical irritants.” In addition to “protective equipment for eyes, face, head, and extremities” that must be worn by the person or persons directly in contact with the hazard, the standard also states:

“…protective shields and barriers, shall be provided, used, and maintained in a sanitary and reliable condition…”

Additionally, OSHA 1910 Subpart Q covering  the occupational safety and health requirements for “Welding, Cutting, and Brazing” states:

“If the object to be welded or cut cannot be moved and if all the fire hazards cannot be removed, then guards shall be used to confine the heat, sparks, and slag, and to protect the immovable fire hazards.”

Clearly, OSHA understands the importance of not only protecting people engaged in potentially hazardous activities, but also the importance of protecting the people and property in the immediate vicinity.  Shields, guards and barriers are in integral and important part of OSHA’s regulations to ensure safety and prevent fire damage.


The light created by welding is of such high intensity, ultraviolet rays emitted in a just a few minutes of welding are equivalent to hours of direct sunlight. UV rays are harmful to the eyes and skin in the same way that prolonged sun exposure is, and they have a similar fading effect on fabrics and other materials.

Welding also creates a shower of molten metal (spatter) as well as small chips of metal and slag, cast off when cleaning the finished welds. This debris poses a potential for eye injury, as well as a serious fire hazard.

grind-closedCUTTING and GRINDING

Cutting and grinding metals, often associated with welding operations, cast off debris that is both dangerous to the eyes and skin, as well as a potential source of ignition. Materials such as fiberglass that create a mechanical skin irritant when sanded or cut, are another operation that requires containment with shields or barriers.


The mixing of paints, lacquers, pharmaceutical products and other chemicals creates a potentially hazardous environment that requires containment.  In this instance, barriers and enclosures can be used to contain splashing and spills, but also to isolate and contain vapors and create an environment that is safer and more beneficial to the desired chemical reactions.

To protect against these hazards, containment with the proper materials is critical to ensure safety and OSHA compliance.  The combination of fire-resistance, chemical-resistance, translucence and installation versatility make flexible PVC an ideal choice for use in barriers, screens, curtains and enclosures.


Welding screens made from flexible PVC protect against the damaging effects of UV light by filtering out the most harmful wavelengths of light.  They also provide a physical barrier that stop flying debris and sparks. The translucence of PVC weld screen material allows supervisors, foremen and instructors to supervise operations from a safe distance.

PVC weld screen material is most commonly used to create portable shields and barriers that can be placed wherever welding is taking place. Popular with contractors who work on-site, they are also commonly used in shipyards and job shops where the work moves around. Weld screen material is also used for fixed barriers such as hanging curtains and modular enclosures, often found in welding schools and manufacturing facilities.

The durability, chemical resistance and wide working temperature range of flexible PVC make it ideal for a wide variety of other applications and environments as well.  Commonly used in laboratories and for pharmaceutical compounding, modular enclosures made up of flexible PVC panels or PVC strips offer containment and isolation, with the option of positive or negative air pressure and HEPA air filtration.

weld enclosureFlexible PVC enclosures, screens and curtains are often used around CNC machines and lathes to prevent oils, lubricants and cuttings from creating slip and fall hazards and help to prevent the spread of contaminants to finished products.

Flexible PVC can be used in corrosive environments, such as onboard ships or near the ocean, where saltwater and salt air can quickly degrade metal barriers.  Flexible PVC offers a cost-effective and versatile option to provide the screens and barriers required by OSHA to keep people and property safe from harm.


TMI’s Flexible PVC Weld Screen material includes fire retardant additives, UV stabilizers and low temperature additives, making it ideal for use in all types of welding barriers. All Weld Screen materials are fully NFPA-701 compliant and several colors are available, each with unique light-filtering properties to match the customer’s needs:

                    • 14 mil Yellow
                    • 14 mil Aztec Red
                    • 14 mil Dark Green
                    • 14 mil Charcoal
                    • 14 mil Blue
                    • 40 mil Amber
                    • 40 mil Aztec Red
                    • 40 mil Dark Green

The excellent chemical resistance, flexibility and clarity of our clear flexible PVC materials make them ideal for use in as curtains and enclosures, protecting against environmental and chemical hazards.

TMI stocks a large inventory of bulk extruded PVC, flexible PVC film and PVC coated polyester, available as rolls or strips, for manufacturers of personal protective equipment such as barriers, screens and enclosures.  TMI offers a complete line of Portable Weld Screens, many of which are available in our Quick Ship program, on the shelf and ready for immediate delivery.  TMI also designs and supplies complete curtains and enclosures, including all necessary installation hardware.  TMI ships from four locations coast-to-coast, for the fastest delivery.

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Curtains and Enclosures Provide Environmental Separation

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Industrial Curtains

TMI Industrial Curtain

If you have taken a shower with a shower curtain, you already understand the advantages of a moveable curtain. A curtain allows easy access to a specific area, and keeps contaminants within that area. When needed, the curtain is simply slid into place along a track. When you need to access, simply slide the curtain out of the way. Nothing could be easier or more convenient!

Industrial curtains work in the same way, only they are available in much larger sizes and a wider range of material choices. Moveable curtains allow large spaces to be divided or opened as needed, retaining maximum floor plan flexibility. This versatility is ideal if you have occasional vehicular traffic, seasonal changes in your storage needs, require modular production cells that can be reconfigured as contract work changes or if you simply need temporary work areas.

Curtains keep contaminants such as water, paint overspray, weld spatter, grinding cast off, noise and light in a defined area, protecting people, inventory and equipment. A curtain can quickly be drawn into place to isolate a piece of machinery, surround a piece of equipment or vehicle or separate two different work zones. Best of all, when the work is finished, the curtain can be opened and secured out of the way.

Curtains are available in a wide range of colors and materials to match any application requirements, including high temperatures, low temperatures and sanitary conditions. A full selection of hardware to install curtains including track, security devices and brackets, allows for installation to walls, ceilings, beams or almost any other surface.

If you are facing issues with dirt and debris from your production process contaminating finished goods or areas where people must work, then a curtain might be the right answer for you. If you are trying to protect employees from the noise, light and dust from production, a curtain may be ideal for you. If you want to provide designated work areas or storage areas that are environmentally-controlled, you should consider an industrial curtain.

Modular Enclosures

TMI Modular Enclosure

Modular enclosures use a simple-to-assemble framing system to quickly and cost-effectively construct an enclosed space. Enclosures can be used as in-plant offices, machine enclosures, storage rooms, positive or negative pressure work cells and much more. A variety of options for walls, ceilings, and doors along with airflow management, electricity and mobility give modular enclosures maximum flexibility.

Modular enclosures are designed from the ground up to be versatile and easy to install. A modular design and innovative connection methods allow users to create exactly the enclosure they need with only basic hand tools. This flexibility also allows enclosures to be reconfigured or enlarged as needed. Enclosures can be built using PVC strip, flexible panels or rigid panels for walls. Standard ceiling grids allow use of acoustic panels, lights, HEPA filters and other environmental controls.

Modular enclosures do not require building permits to install in most instances, making them faster and less expensive than framed construction. This allows users to react quickly to new regulations, changing workflows or season production shifts. Think of modular enclosures as a “room within a room” whenever you need to add protection or create isolation.

Portable Screens

TMI Weld Screen

For smaller work areas such as field repairs or weld tables, portable screens add just enough protection exactly where it is needed. Popular applications include welding, grinding, painting and paint stripping.

Portable screens can be moved to where they are needed, and stored out of the way when extra space is needed. For welding on larger items such as vehicles and ship hulls, portable screens can be repositioned throughout each shift to ensure protection wherever the welding occurs. When making repairs in the field, a portable screen will offer protection against debris, sparks and weld flash to others working in the area.

TMI offers Quick-Ship Portable Screens in two styles, on the shelf and ready to ship the same day you order them. A choice of screen material and frame options are available to suit any need, long-term or short.

TMI Curtains and Enclosures

If you have an problem application where a curtain or enclosure could be the solution, request a copy of TMI’s newly expanded Industrial Curtains and Modular Enclosure brochure. This full-color, 36-page brochure highlights TMI’s expansive line of curtains, warehouse dividers, partitions, portable screens and modular enclosures, in-plant offices and protective barriers.

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TMI recruits new e-Business Specialist

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Brandon Shallenberger Web developer for TMI

TMI’s new Web Developer & SEO Strategist

TMI is very pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Brandon Shallenberger as TMI International’s e-Business Specialist.  Brandon comes to TMI after studies at Westminster College and additional training in web design and development at the Erie Institute of Technology.  He will be working to ensure that our dealers and end users have the information and tools they need to manage their environments. 

Working closely with our sales team and gathering input from customer and resellers, Brandon will be building TMI’s web presence to enhance the user experience and provide added value to all visitors.  Brandon will provide primary development and management of TMI’s corporate website at as well as the Simplex division at .  Brandon will also oversee TMI’s online presence including the TMI blog, social media, online catalog sites and more.  If it lives online, Brandon will make sure that it looks good and works well, allowing TMI to provide the same level of service to our customers they are accustomed to receiving in person and on the phone. 

The appointment of a full-time, dedicated e-business specialist is a reflection of the dominant role that the world wide web has taken, even in a B2B environment.  People increasingly turn to the web not only to research commercial manufacturers and products, but to purchase industrial goods and services directly.  TMI is committed to providing our customers with the product and application knowledge they need to make informed decisions, and to providing tools to make doing business with TMI online as enjoyable as it has always been in person.  

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TMI Introduces New Senior Marketing Manager

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Download this Release (PDF)

David Schneider, TMI's New Senior Marketing ManagerApril 14, 2016, Pittsburgh, PA – TMI International, LLC – a leader in flexible PVC products for managing industrial and commercial environments – today announced the appointment of Mr. David Schneider to the position of Senior Marketing Manager. Mr. Schneider brings over 20 years of B2B marketing management experience to the position.

After managerial roles with manufacturers of material handling equipment, robotics, industrial and commercial goods, Mr. Schneider brings experience in a variety of markets and distribution channels that is ideally suited to the diverse product range of TMI International, LLC.

“I am thrilled to have David as the new Sr. Marketing Manager” said Robert Hinckley, VP of Sales and Marketing for TMI. “David will play an instrumental role in helping our marketing activities keep pace with TMI’s growth.”

Mr. Schneider will provide strategic planning and leadership to the marketing team in support of TMI’s core business, as well as initiatives in new product development, e-commerce and expanded dealer support.

About TMI International, LLC

Founded in 1988, TMI International, LLC is a fully integrated, leading international manufacturer and supplier of innovative products and solutions designed to manage customer environments by improving work safety, cleanliness, comfort, efficiency and energy savings. TMI’s comprehensive product line includes strip doors, exclusive PVC-based strip, film, panel and sheet products, PVC-coated and laminated fabrics, air curtains, insect screens, swinging impact doors, curtains, modular enclosures and dock accessories. Services include slitting, heat sealing, interleaving, sheeting and die-cutting. The business is headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA with operations in Cuyahoga Falls, OH, Fontana, CA and Norcross, GA. For more information on TMI please visit

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Putting Ink on Plastic: Printable, Flexible, PVC Film

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General Purpose PVC FilmUsually when people think PVC, they think rigid – pipes, for example. As the third most widely produced synthetic plastic polymer, it’s a whole lot more flexible. Flexible PVC contains plasticizers that gives this versatile plastic its softness and bend. Polyvinyl Chloride, aka PVC, is found in quite a few more applications then most realize: inflatables, awnings, gym mats, imitation leather, and signage, just to name a few.

In signage applications, thin, clear, general purpose PVC film is great for printing. TMI’s standard double polished finish, available as thin as .004”, works well for a variety of printing processes – but if that isn’t the look the printed application calls for, worry not, frosted and matte finished PVC films, sometimes favored because of their ability to accept most inks and paints, are also available.

Just like flexible PVC films, there are a wide range of printing processes and inks, so it’s extremely important to choose ink that will adhere well to PVC film. Considering ink’s gloss, viscosity, drying time, thermal stability, and resistance to wear and tear, TMI always recommends testing your choice of printing on your choice of PVC film. Don’t let that hinder your creative spirit: TMI carries .004”, .006”, .008”, .010”, .012”, .016”, .020”, and .030” general purpose PVC film – and quite a few other varieties – as well as offering custom formulated PVC film.

In fact, printing on PVC film is so easy that in most cases it can be done at home utilizing an InkJet or LaserJet printer, just be sure to load a single sheet of film at a time. With TMI’s sheeting capabilities, you can get PVC film sheets fit to your exact printer specifications. Be sure to allow the finished print to dry completely in a low humidity environment prior to handling. Typically, ink will dry within 15 minutes.

Flexible PVC film’s chemical composition makes it a great choice for various types of signage and displays. But keep in mind that this is just one of its robust applications. The possibilities for PVC film are almost endless. Call a TMI expert today at 1.800.888.9750 to find out how PVC film can fit your needs.

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Install an Effective Screening Process: Screen-Pro

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April showers bring May flowers … and May flowers bring June bugs. Unfortunately those June critters have a tendency to show up early … and stick around late. Keeping insects out of active work facilities and distribution centers isn’t an easy feat without proper preparation. One important part of the battle: a screen.

Putting a screen in place to keep out bugs and birds wanting to make the rafters their new nest site may sound basic, but every warehouse – and every warehouse opening – has different requirements. TMI’s complete Screen-Pro® product line makes it easy to meet the requirements of almost every warehouse opening, regardless if there is already a door in place or not.

There are six Screen-Pro® models that roll-up and out of the way whenever the opening is in use. Since custom is always the name of the game, screens are also available in a sliding model and a portable screen that fits into place while supported on a frame.

Choose the movement mechanism that fits your needs.

Don’t be smooth-talked into getting a lightning-fast motor when you’re application doesn’t require it – but don’t shy away from getting the motor that has the speed you need. In other words, get the right tool for the job.

Manual movement mechanisms:

TMI offers four manually movable screens – a sliding screen, a portable screen, and two Screen-Pro® roll-up screens – the Series 1000 (spring loaded) and the Series 2000 (chain hoisted.) Manual movement mechanisms are valuable for applications that don’t have heavy traffic flow or where there is no power available.

Motorized movement mechanisms:

For applications that need it: higher traffic openings, areas sensitive to insect infiltration, etcetera, there is the motor. TMI’s Screen-Pro® line offers motors that open doors as quickly as 30” per second. While speed is often the central feature shouted from the hilltops, it isn’t the only one to worry about. Almost more important is cycle frequency. For lower cycle frequency applications, an in-tube motor such as the Screen-Pro 3000 is the way to go. Higher cycle frequency applications require a separate external motor. TMI’s Screen-Pro 4000, 5000, and 6000 all feature external jackshaft motors ranging in both speed and frequency specifications.

When it comes to keeping bugs and birds out, TMI’s Screen-Pro® line has your warehouse or distribution center covered. Have additional questions about your application? Call the TMI experts at 1.800.888.9750.

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New 2-Go Pro Air Curtain from Curtron Products

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Download this Release (PDF)

2-Go ProJune 2, 2015, Pittsburgh, PA – Curtron Products, a division of TMI International, LLC, (Curtron) has developed a new air curtain specifically for drive-through and pick-up windows: the 2-Go Pro.

The 2-Go Pro is a compact unit that accommodates drive-through window openings 24” wide by up to 42” high. It blocks unwelcome outdoor insects, temperatures, and dangerous car exhaust from infiltrating restaurants with a solid stream of air, creating a more comfortable environment for drive-through attendants. Even when the window is open, there is a barrier in place.

“The 2-Go Pro is so quiet; you won’t even notice it’s on,” Chris Cummings, Curtron’s Sales Manager, said. “A loud air curtain simply can’t be used in the drive-through environment. Attendants need to be able to hear customers’ orders; a loud unit is basically wall art – employees, customers, no one will want it on,” Cummings said. “That isn’t the case with the 2-Go Pro.”

The 2-Go Pro is the smallest unit that Curtron has ever had available in its extensive air curtain product line. It is designed and manufactured in the United States. Additional information on the 2-Go Pro or Curtron is available by calling 1.800.833.5005 or visiting

About TMI, LLC

Founded in 1988, TMI International, LLC is a fully integrated, leading international manufacturer and supplier of innovative products and solutions designed to manage customer environments by improving work safety, cleanliness, comfort, efficiency and energy savings. TMI’s comprehensive product line includes strip doors, exclusive PVC-based strip, film, panel and sheet products, PVC-coated and laminated fabrics, air curtains, insect screens, swinging impact doors, curtains, modular enclosures and dock accessories. Services include slitting, heat sealing, interleaving, sheeting and die-cutting. The business is headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA with operations in Cuyahoga Falls, OH, Fontana, CA and Norcross, GA. For more information on TMI please visit

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How to Find the Perfect Swinging Door for Your Restaurant

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Restaurant Swinging DoorYour restaurant has a number of different areas that need to remain separated.  This includes separating the kitchen from the customer-facing areas (dining room, ordering line, counter or wherever your customers may be), as well as creating distinct areas in the back, such as separating the kitchen and the stock room.  Every restaurant has these rooms, but not every restaurant has the same needs for keeping these areas separate.

Since every restaurant has a unique design and floor layout, you don’t want to be stuck with a door that’s “one-size-fits-most.”  Instead, you want your doors to perfectly match your business.  Every Service-Pro® Swinging Door is custom designed to your specifications.  Still, it can be difficult to figure out which door is right for you.  Below, we list a number of different applications and outline how you can narrow down on the right door to fit your needs:

Separate the kitchen and dining room:

This door doesn’t need to stand up to heavy traffic, but it does need to be attractive, lightweight and match your decor!  The Series 20 Service-Pro® is the perfect door for this situation.  It’s easy for servers to walk back and forth between the kitchen and the dining room, and it offers a nice sound barrier.  This keeps the loud noises in the kitchen from spilling out into the restaurant areas where customers are trying to have their own conversations.

If your dining room swinging door has more traffic, you’ll want a stronger material than the Series 20’s aluminum or stainless steel sheet.  Instead try a Series 30 or Series 70 door, which are designed from more durable materials.  The Series 30 contains a ¾” hardwood core, which provides extra strength.  Similarly, the Series 70 Service-Pro® is more durable due to its material: a lightweight high-density polyethylene (HDPE) sheet.

Hint: Another way to increase the sturdiness and extend the life of your swinging door is to add kick plates or push plates to your door.

In refrigerated area:

For walk-in coolers, refrigerated areas or other temperature sensitive environments, it’s very important to maintain a specific temperature.  So it can be helpful to have a swinging door that assists in temperature control.  The Series 50 has a thick insulated core to keep temperatures at the level they’re supposed to be.

Between the stock room, warehouse and kitchen:

In areas with heavier or higher levels of traffic, you’ll need a door with a little more strength.  When going from the warehouse or stockroom, you probably won’t just have personnel walking through, but people and pushcarts carrying heavy loads.  The Series 30 door (as mentioned before) has a ¾ inch hardwood core, making it ideal for medium-duty applications.  The thick door also helps to reduce noise and keep traffic flowing smoothly without wearing down.

Section off a behind-the-counter area:

While you can’t completely hide what’s behind the counter, you can add a little privacy and security with a café swinging door.  The Café Series is a smaller version of any of the Service-Pro® models.  They work similar to a saloon door by separating an area without entirely restricting the view of the area.  This style of door is a great way to clearly distinguish an employee only area when there isn’t a full doorway.

Tip: Café doors are also a great option when you still want some airflow through the doorway since they do not close off the entire opening.

For every door application:

Swing Doors For Restaurants and HotelsNo matter what type of door you choose, you have a whole world of customization at your fingertips!  Depending on the size of your space, you may prefer a bi-parting door or a single panel door.  Customize the size and shape of your window.  Add strengthening features to your door (like kick plates, push plates, jamb guards, or upgraded hinge hardware) to further customize your door.  Choose from a wide variety of finishes and colors to best match your décor.

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