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Offset Double Ribbed USDA Low Temperature Strip & Sheet PVC

In cooler and freezer applications where traffic is heavier or an even tighter seal is required, Low Temperature Ribbed PVC is an ideal solution. The raised ribs can come into contact with forklift and pallet jack traffic without compromising the clarity of the door. The ribs also create pockets of air that provide additional insulation. All low temperature USDA strips are approved for incidental contact with food and, therefore, are perfect for coolers and freezers. Low Temperature USDA Ribbed PVC can be used in coolers and freezers where temperatures range from -20°F to 140°F. The strips can also be used in outdoor applications where temperatures are consistently near freezing.

Feet Per Roll
Model  Type  Style  Width  Thickness  Feet per Roll   
RCU08072-150 USDA Low Temp Offset Double Ribbed 8" .072" 150 Add to Quote Button
RCU12108-150 USDA Low Temp Offset Double Ribbed 12" .108" 150 Add to Quote Button
RCU16144-100 USDA Low Temp Offset Double Ribbed 16" .144" 100 Add to Quote Button
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