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Standard Offset Double Ribbed Strip & Sheet PVC

In areas where there is a high amount of mechanized traffic, TMI's offset double ribbed PVC can be used to ensure that the strip door remains clearer, longer. The ribs on the PVC serve as the primary point of impact on the door so that when forklifts pass through, the ribs absorb the shock, keeping the PVC clear. Additionally, the ribs serve as a thermal barrier, creating pockets of air that provide added layers of insulation. TMI's standard offset double ribbed PVC reduces drag as objects pass through and ensures that the strips do not stick together. These strips can be used in indoor and outdoor applications and will remain effective in temperatures ranging from 0°F to 150°F.

Feet Per Roll
Model  Type  Style  Width  Thickness  Feet per Roll   
RCS08072-150 Standard Clear Offset Double Ribbed 8" .072" 150 Add to Quote Button
RCS12108-150 Standard Clear Offset Double Ribbed 12" .108" 150 Add to Quote Button
RCS16144-100 Standard Clear Offset Double Ribbed 16" .144" 100 Add to Quote Button
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