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Anti-Static Clear PVC Strip Rolls

Flat Clear Anti-Static PVC

Flat Clear Anti-Static Strips reduce the buildup of static electricity that is created when objects and people pass through PVC strips. As contact with PVC naturally creates static electricity, these strips are specially formulated to reduce the buildup of static electricity. Both people and objects will create less static buildup when passing through these strips, making them ideal for clean rooms, computer rooms, server rooms and other areas susceptible to static shock. All anti-static strips from TMI, LLC meet the static discharge requirements of Federal Standard 101C. Flat clear anti-static strips are designed to be used indoors within the temperature range of 0°F to 150°F.

Feet Per Roll
Model  Type  Style  Width  Thickness  Feet per Roll   
FCA06060-400 Anti-Static Flat 6" .060" 400 Add to Quote Button
FCA08060-400 Anti-Static Flat 8" .060" 400 Add to Quote Button
FCA08080-300 Anti-Static Flat 8" .080" 300 Add to Quote Button
FCA12060-400 Anti-Static Flat 12" .060" 400 Add to Quote Button
FCA12120-200 Anti-Static Flat 12" .120" 200 Add to Quote Button
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