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Cutting Conversion Services

Manual Cutting

PVC rolls can be cut manually to any shape and size. All bulk PVC rolls, sheets and panels available through Vinyl Solutions can be manually cut to your desired length. Special cutting of angles or other custom jobs can be requested.

Automatic Cutting

Bulk rolls can be cut and punched into replacement strips on TMI's automatic cutting machines. A custom-designed press-feed machine replaces the entire manual process of measuring, cutting, punching and labeling of flexible PVC strips. The end result is strips that can be processed in a fraction of the time compared to manually cut strips. Automatic cutting is available from 4" to 16" in width and from 0.04" to 0.25" in thickness.

Die Cutting

TMI's custom die cutting is available for applications requiring large quantities of specially sized pieces. The die-cutter can cut individualized pieces in mass quantity. TMI has five die cutting machines including a fully automatic traveling head press, a beam press, a roller die, and two clicker dies. These machines can handle extremely customized projects or large, standard projects. The automatic die cutting machines are designed to handle pieces as large as 40" x 60" and can punch up to 600 cycles per hour. No minimums are required.

Flash Cutting

Flash cutting utilizes a pneumatic tool head that precisely cuts exact shapes based on a CAD drawing loaded into an onboard computer. Flash cutting is a state-of-the-art process that enables quick, accurate and customized cutting of PVC. Flash cutting makes it possible to accurately cut intricate angles and specifically placed holes. Using a master sheet or roll, TMI can cut custom-sized pieces up to 60" wide and 116" long. To reduce waste, the flash cutting machine makes cuts in a manner that maximizes the PVC - reducing the amount of scrap. It can cut PVC material from thicknesses of .004" to .250". Vinyl Solutions flash cutting requires specific PVC sizes. Consult your sales representative for specifics.


Master rolls and slit rolls can be sheeted to exact specifications. Tissue interleaving is commonly used to prevent sheets from sticking together. Sheets are available in sizes up to 54" x 72". Larger size sheets require special tolerances. Consult your Vinyl Solutions representative for specifics.

Panel Cutting

Vinyl Solutions offers extra thick panels that range from 1/4" to 1/2" thick. These panels can be cut to your requested size using pneumatically operated cutting machines that create accurate, straight, square and clean cuts up to 17' in length. Once cut, panels can be re-rolled in the opposite direction to reduce the curl caused by the large rolls.


When PVC is stored in a rolled position, it can often curl to the shape of the roll. Normalizing of flexible PVC panels ensures that they become flattened through a heat-treating process. PVC panels are treated in a 250°F oven. While lying flat in the oven, the material will soften and then maintain the new, uncurled condition once cooled to room temperature. Normalized panels are shipped flat and tissue interleaved on custom made skids to protect the material.

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