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Rewinding Conversion Services

Put Up Changes

TMI's Vinyl Solutions division can alter roll lengths to specified lengths as determined by the customer. A rewinding machine enables the newly sized roll to then be rewound onto a new core after being cut to the specific size. This service is available on master rolls only.

Tissue Interleaving

Often times, PVC can possess a tacky feel that makes the roll hard to unwind and separate. Tissue interleaving places a sheet of lightweight paper between each layer, making the PVC extremely easy to unroll. Tissue is applied while slitting or sheeting. Wider sizes can be specially ordered.


Vinyl Solutions' slitting services can cut PVC rolls and sheets into smaller rolls based on customer specifications. The maximum slit width is 76" and the minimum slit width is 1". Thickness parameters vary by material (certain materials can be cut more specifically than others.) Consult your Vinyl Solutions representative for specifics.

Electro-Static Dusting

Electro-static dusting is another option to make the PVC easier to unroll. With electro-static dusting, a layer of dust is applied to the PVC, removing the tackiness and making it easier to separate. Dusting can be adjusted to meet your needs from light (level 1) to very heavy (level 10).

Static Reduction

Utilizing a static elimination bar can temporarily reduce a static charge within PVC. This reduced static charge helps prevent dust contamination and static buildup that becomes present when the PVC is unrolled from its core. Static reduction can be applied as rolls are being rewound for put up changes or while being converted. The maximum roll width for static reduction is 76".

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