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Polar-Pro® Swinging Impact Doors

Curtron’s Polar-Pro® Flexible PVC Swinging Doors are a great solution for maintaining temperature separation. They make it easy to access temperature sensitive areas, such as walk-in coolers and freezers. Similar to strip doors, the Polar-Pro® provides energy savings without needing to walk through strips.

Why Polar-Pro® Walk-In Cooler/Freezer Doors?

Walk-in coolers and freezers are energy-drainers in nearly every food service and restaurant application. Coolers and freezers are expensive to maintain, and every time the freezer door opens, warm air enters the freezer and forces compressors to work harder. With the Polar-Pro® in place, the main cooler/freezer door can be left open while the Polar-Pro® maintains temperatures inside the freezer. Additionally, the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 recommends PVC Swinging Doors.

Polar-Pro's Even Plane Swinging Hardware

Curtron's Polar-Pro® PVC swinging doors are made with either 0.080" thick Standard PVC (for coolers) or Low Temp PVC (for freezers). 4 color options and upgrades to 0.120" thick flexible PVC panels are available. Each panel has a “No-Curl” strip, ensuring that the door hangs straight down and doesn't curl at the bottom. These doors are designed to fit most sizes of cooler/freezer doors ranging up to 60” wide and 96” high.

Each door includes Stainless Steel Universal Mounting hardware with a lifetime warranty against corrosion. The unique hardware system provides the ability to adjust the opening and closing speed of each panel. The Universal Hardware enables to door to be mounted either in the doorjamb or on the face of the wall.

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PP-C Polar-Pro® Swinging Door
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