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Air Curtain Mounting Methods & Accessories

TMI Save-T® Air Curtains and Air Doors can be mounted and installed on nearly every application. The most common method for air curtain mounting is wall mounting, which consists of fastening the air curtain directly to the wall. Another common mounting method is ceiling mounting, which consists of using threaded rod to hang the air curtain from the ceiling.

For mounting air curtains around rolling steel and industrial loading dock doors, standoff wall projection brackets are used to mount the air curtain in front of the door and outside of the door tracks. For situations where the air curtain or air door needs to be extended outside of the door tracks, TMI can add uni-strut top extensions to clear the door tracks, or a wider unit can be ordered.

In situations where an air curtain cannot be mounted horizontally due to lack of mounting space, air curtains can be mounted vertically to the ground with the air blowing across the opening.

TMI Air Curtain Activation Switches

TMI offers the widest variety of air curtain and air door activation options in the air curtain industry. Some of the most common activation options include:

  • Automatic Door Switch (Micro Door Switch): This Roller/Plunger Switch can be mounted on industrial door tracks to make the air curtain automatically turn on when a garage door goes up, or mounted in the door jamb to automatically turn the air curtain on when a swinging door opens.
  • Remote Mount Hand/Off/Auto Switch: This switch allows the user to switch to "auto" allowing the air curtain to run automatically in conjunction with their existing door, or to turn the unit manually on or off.
  • Magnetic Read Automatic Door Switch: This magnetic activation switch allows the air curtain to automatically turn on when a swinging door or roll-up door is opened. This air curtain switch is available in either a commercial or industrial model.
  • Built-In or Remote Mounted Speed Selector Switch: Available for multiple speed air curtains, these switches give the user the ability to control air velocity.
  • Remote Mounted Thermostat: Used in conjunction with heated air curtains to set the temperature.
  • Remote Mount Motor Control Panels: To minimize field wiring, Save-T® Air Curtains can be ordered with a pre-mounted control panel, located on either side of the housing, or mounted remotely. Due to space restrictions, remote-mounted control panels may be optional. Wires from each motor are run to a single junction box, eliminating the need for field motor wiring. Motor control panels substantially reduce field wiring. The control panels are recommended for all three-phase units. Fused disconnects can be included in the panel or supplied by others.
  • Other Air Curtain activation methods include: Motion Sensors, Heat On/Off Switches, Variable Speed Selector Switches, Cruise Control Systems, and Building Management System options.
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