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Curtronizer™ Strip Doors

Curtron's patented Curtronizer™ Strip doors are an extremely economical and affordable solution for managing environments in kitchens with walk-in coolers and freezers. The Curtronizer™ can be installed within five minutes, making it one of the easiest and most quickly installed strip doors on the market. The Curtronizer™ is designed for light duty traffic and fits openings up to 40" wide x 96" high. The strip door mounts above coolers and freezers and common sizes are in stock for same day delivery.

The Curtronizer™ strip door utilizes an NSF approved strip door system complete with a low profile hardware system made from one-piece, non-corrosive, high-impact polypropylene. With no metal parts, the compact plastic hardware drastically reduces the build up of dirt and grime. USDA polar reinforced strips can be used on the Curtronizer, making it an effective door in freezers where temperatures go as low as -20° F. Standard grade strips are effective down to 0° F.


  • For openings up to 40" wide
  • Fastest installation: less than 5 minutes
  • Exclusive 100% food grade approved, non-corrosive, high-impact Polypropylene hardware system: no nuts, bolts, or metal parts
  • Low profile 1 1/2" hardware profile completely eliminating the penetration of dirt and grease, making this an extremely sanitary system
  • 6" or 8" wide USDA Low Temperature Polar Reinforced Strips
  • 4 Pack Replacements Strips Available


  • Meets NSF Approval
  • Complies with Energy and Security Act of 2007 requiring strip doors on all newly manufactured walk-in coolers and freezers.
  • Keeps warm air from entering coolers and freezers
  • Cuts compressor running time
  • Pays for itself in energy savings alone in as little as three months
  • Worn or torn strips replace in seconds! No tools are required

Curtronizer™ Complete Door Kits

Curtronizer™ Replacement Parts