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Guide-Pro Loading Dock Lights

Guide-Pro Loading Dock Lights from Tri Lite provide visual guides for truck drivers backing into an open dock and are an essential tool for providing additional safety and reducing damage. The Guide-Pro Light illuminates the face of the dock on both sides, allowing the driver to better position his truck using side mirrors, preventing the risk of 'overrunning' and damaging the dock, the truck and it’s cargo. Dock Guide Lights include adjustable focusing reflectors to direct the light as needed and provide a visual cut off to assist lining the trailer up with the dock.

Made from ribbed-reinforced high-impact polycarbonate, Loading Dock Guide Lights are resilient and low profile, greatly reducing chances of impact and breakage. Lights operate on 12 volts AC/DC and use easy-to-replace standard automotive replacement bulbs.

Customer Testimonial:

"TMI's loading dock guide lights are awesome. They make a tough double-inside dock much easier. Any driver who backs into inside docks knows that you are blind for a good part of the backing process. Whether it’s bright sunshine outside or dark, these lights make a huge difference. Thank you TMI for promoting safety and lessening our chances for a backing accident. They also eliminate the chance of not lining up correctly to the dock plate. I recommend TMI's dock lights to anybody."
~ Tony Cigna
FedEx Freight | Pittsburgh, PA

Dock Configuration
Number Of Guide Lights
Model  Dock Configuration  Number of Guide Lights         
043-00060 Double 4       Add to Quote Button
043-00059 Single 2       Add to Quote Button
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Loading Dock Guide Lights

Guide-Pro Loading Dock Lights' adjustable reflectors focus light beams to provide an ideal focal point and guide trucks safely into their loading bays.