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Extra Heavy Duty Industrial Series Air Curtain

[S-XHD] ,

Extra Heavy Duty Industrial Series Air Curtains are an ideal solution for keeping out insects, wind, debris and hot/cold air from coming in through large openings. The Extra Heavy Duty Industrial Series is designed for environmental control up to 22' high and insect control on industrial openings up to 20' high.

Features Include:

  • All of TMI's air curtains use Air Compression Chamber technology for unmatched airflow uniformity
  • 5 horsepower totally enclosed air over motors
  • Stainless steel cabinets and solid, one-piece construction
  • Exceptionally low noise levels (71 dBA)

Available Options:

Door Width: 
Power Supply: 
Air Curtain Location: 
Air Curtain Mounting: 
Air Curtain Opening Type: 
Air Curtain Purpose: 
Is Negative Pressure Present?:  Yes ()
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