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Frequently Asked Questions

TMI, LLC: Managing Environments

What are the benefits of using a PVC-based door?

Energy control doors from TMI, LLC offer several benefits to the end user. Whether a strip door, a roll-up door or a traffic control door, TMI doors effectively help to:

  • Increase Energy Savings
  • Streamline Workflow
  • Manage Environments
  • Improve Employee and Customer Comfort
  • Separate Temperatures

TMI doors are designed to maintain a consistent level of workflow without driving up utility costs.

What kind of door do I need?

TMI manufactures doors for all environments. From cold storage to personnel doors and from air curtains to traffic doors, TMI sales representatives are trained extensively to help determine the right kind of door for your application. Some of the more common door types are:

  • Warehouse Strip Doors
  • Restaurant Swinging Doors
  • Industrial Curtains
  • Overhead Doors
  • Partitions
  • Cold Storage Doors
  • Air Curtains/Air Doors

Depending on your application and the results you hope to achieve, TMI representatives will help select the energy control door that will enable you to best achieve those results.

What makes TMI different?

TMI, LLC has been an industry leader since its doors opened in 1988. TMI holds the patent on several innovations that have redefined the energy control door market. Rip-A-Strip™ replacement strips were a one-of-a-kind invention that offered a "door in a box" solution for those needing on hand, easy-to-access replacement strips. Save-T® mount hardware enables the user to quickly change strips without the use of tools.

Most importantly, TMI is a vertically integrated company. Not only do we produce the PVC that's used in our doors, we manufacture the doors as well. From "pellet to product," TMI controls its processes to ensure quality and satisfaction.

What companies make up TMI, LLC?

The TMI Group of Companies consists of four main divisions that specialize in specific industries including warehouse safety, food service, cold storage and industrial door.

TMI's Industrial Dock and Door division, also known as Save-T® Solutions specializes in providing products to companies operating within the material handling, industrial door and warehouse safety industries. Save-T® Solutions offers strip doors, dock accessories, air doors/air curtains, industrial curtains and an array of products that help improve the functionality of a warehouse.

TMI's Food Service and Equipment division, Curtron Products™, caters to the food service and restaurant industries. Several of Curtron's key products are designed specifically for food service: they are approved by the FDA and/or USDA to be used within areas where food is prepared. Curtron offers restaurant grade strip doors, rack covers, insect protection, air curtains and other materials that help to streamline workflow within the food service industry.

Vinyl Solutions is TMI's bulk roll division and offers a complete line of supported and non-supported PVC. We stock a wide variety of supported vinyls that are laminated or coated with PVC in weights from 8 ounces up to 40 ounces and non-supported vinyls ranging in thicknesses from .004" to .500" and in widths ranging from 3" up to 60". Vinyl Solutions' customers include schools, marinas, tent fabricators and tarp manufacturers.

FlexBarrier Products is TMI's cold storage division and specializes in the fabrication of material designed for cold storage warehouses where it's necessary to separate temperatures within large areas. FlexBarrier also distributes security gates, roll up doors and other "barrier" type products.