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Material Capabilities

TMI offers superior custom material capabilities – no matter which of our flexible PVC materials you’re interested in. Custom or stock, supported or unsupported, TMI is the expert in flexible PVC material.

TMI maintains a large variety of stock material to make sure we can delivery all of the most popular flexible PVC fabrics just in time. We also understand that specific applications require specific material – so our custom capabilities are always in the forefront.

Check out all of our custom capabilities and capacities:

  • Extruded Flexible PVC
    The extrusion manufacturing process is ideal for medium and heavier gauge PVC materials. Molten PVC passes through a nozzle and die to produce the desired material thickness and width after which heated embossing rolls finish the material prior to slitting to size and winding.

  • Flexible PVC Film
    The majority of TMI’s flexible PVC Film is calendered, a manufacturing process intended for thinner gauge plastics. Molten PVC is shaped to the desired thickness by heated rollers, after which the surface is finished and the material is wound into rolls.

  • Supported Vinyl: Coated or Laminated Polyester
    All of TMI’s supported vinyl fabrics feature a woven polyester base. PVC coated material has molten PVC spread evenly over the surface of the polyester, forming a single piece of material. Lamination bonds multiple layers (the PVC and base polyester) together by an adhesive to create a single piece of material.

Extruded Flexible PVC

Extruded Flexible PVC RollsTMI proudly extrudes high-quality flexible PVC film, strip, sheet, and panel in the United States at our Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio facility. While we maintain stock of the most popular flexible PVC rolls in the market, we're all about custom PVC rolls! If your application requires it, we’ll make it custom for you.

Our extrusion lines can run film, strip, sheet, or panel as thin as .030” (.7 mm) and as thick as .500” (12.5 mm). TMI extrudes a large variety of PVC grades, including standard, low temperature, extra low temperature, low temperature reinforced, anti-static, weld screen, non-phthalate, and fire-rated – both NFPA 701 and ASTM E84 Class A. TMI’s extruded PVC rolls can be as narrow as 4” (100 mm) or as wide as 60” (1,525 mm) or any width in-between. Rolls can feature a polished smooth, offset double ribbed, frosted, pebble, or sand grain finish.

Let TMI extrude the custom flexible PVC rolls you need today!
TMI’s Ohio PVC Extrusion Facility: 1.866.929.1449

For a listing of TMI’s extruded PVC stock rolls, visit the area you’re most interested in:

Flexible PVC Film

Flexible PVC Film RollTMI’s calendered flexible PVC film can be customized completely and specifically. For a small 3,000 lbs. minimum, you’re in the driver’s seat. Define what hand you’d like: TMI can generate anywhere from a super-soft 5S to a firm 3H. Tell us what type of finish is needed, what temperature range the material must meet, what UV rating you’re considering, basically, name your terms.

If you’re considering custom, make sure to get in touch with a TMI expert. Call us today: 1.800.888.9750.

Don’t forget TMI’s extensive stock flexible PVC film!

Supported Vinyl: PVC Coated or Laminated Polyester

PVC Coated PolyesterVariety is the name of the game – and when TMI’s supported vinyl stock of 18 colors, 5 weights, and 2 widths aren’t enough – our custom formulations are ready to tackle any application’s need.

For a 2,000 yard minimum, TMI can provide PVC coated or laminated rolls of material as light as 8 oz up to as heavy as 40 oz. TMI’s coated and laminated rolls go up to 126” in width and are available with a variety of embossed finishes, including both kid and matte. TMI material can also meet specific application requirements, for example, NFPA 701 or California State Fire Marshal (CSFM) fire ratings or non-phthalate.

The color choices available truly define custom: with a sample, TMI can color match to exactly the shade sought. We can also produce coated or laminated material matched to a PANTONE color. Speaking of colors, if your material needs each side to be a different color, TMI does that too!

For a list of TMI stock PVC Coated or PVC Laminated material, visit our supported vinyl pages:


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EXTRUDED-CUSTOM Custom Extruded PVC Rolls
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FILM-CUSTOM Custom PVC Film Rolls
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SUPPORTED-CUSTOM Custom PVC Coated or Laminated Rolls
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