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How Air Curtains & Air Doors Work

Save-T® Air Curtains or Air Doors from TMI create an invisible barrier of high velocity air to separate and manage environments, keeping conditioned air within your workspace, while keeping unconditioned air, pests and pollutants out. TMI Air Curtains can be mounted above a doorway opening, just above the header. Ambient air is drawn through the front intake grill (A)* and into the fan baskets (B). The blower wheel (C), forces the air into TMI's state-of-the-art air chambers, compressing the air (D) and forcing if downward through the discharge nozzle (E). An invisible "air shield" is created that serves as the barrier preventing conditioned air from leaving the building and blocking outside air from entering, even when there is no primary door in place.

Note: When there is an inward draft caused by an exhaust system in the building, also known as negative pressure, the performance of any air curtain will be heavily affected.

Energy Conservation

TMI Air Curtains work efficiently and effectively throughout the year, helping to control energy costs by keeping conditioned air in the building and blocking unwanted elements from entering. In the winter, an air curtain/air door will recirculate the hot air that naturally rises to the ceiling, while creating a barrier that keeps out the cold air. During the summer months, the invisible air shield works to keep hot, humid air outside, while maintaining a cool, comfortable environment inside. When used for energy control, the average payback time, in saved energy costs, for an air door is less than two years.

Flying Insect Control

TMI Air Curtains are also extremely effective pest control products. The air shield is nearly impenetrable for flying insects; keeping them at bay and helping facilities meet FDA or NSF requirements. Along with bugs, dust and airborne contaminants are also kept from entering.

Cold Storage

For cooler doors, TMI Air Doors/Air Curtains offer a safe, effective and affordable solution that keeps conditioned air in place but enables workers to pass freely between regular work areas and coolers. Air doors can save hundreds of dollars of energy costs lost through open cooler doors.

* These letters refer to the corresponding letters found on the image. Enlarging the image helps to place these parts.

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