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FlexRoom® Modular Rooms

TMI's exclusive FlexRoom® industrial enclosures are the flexible and versatile answer for in-plant offices, cleanrooms, dust free storage areas, computer terminal and printer rooms, welding areas, workrooms, grinding rooms, enclosing water overspray equipment, break rooms, isolation rooms and much more. FlexRooms® are ideal for anywhere you want to subdivide, compartmentalize, seal-in, or seal-out environments.

TMI's FlexRoom® offers the ultimate in flexibility at a fraction of the cost of permanent and rigid in-plant offices. Turn environmentally unfriendly square footage into usable space. FlexRoom® durable framework can support swinging doors, strip doors, sliding curtains, and just about any type of material you want or need.

Features of FlexRoom®

  • Flexibility: FlexRooms® can be made of any type of material. The selections are endless. Choose from the industry's clearest PVC, translucent, UV material, anti-static, solid color panels, insulated panels, and even industrial mesh. Anchoring to the floor is optional, so moving the FlexRoom® to a different application and/or location is possible.
  • Easy Installation: Installation is immediate due to modular design, which requires no contractors. Every FlexRoom® is pre-assembled at the factory, and then is partially disassembled before shipping. No building permit is required.
  • Economical: FlexRooms® are inexpensive. Low front-end costs give maximum value and utility for less than conventional systems.
  • Quality Construction: FlexRoom® frames are constructed of white, powder-coated, 1 1/2" x 3" aluminum tubing. Hook and loop strips on each panel allow for flexibility, strength and are long lasting.
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Flex-Room-Modular-Room Flex Room Modular Rooms
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