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Pipe-Staff Curtains

TMI manufactures high-quality Pipe-Staff Curtain Enclosures to help manage your environment. Pipe-Staff curtain walls are used to separate warehouses or protect employees, goods, product, tools and machinery. TMI's Pipe-Staff Industrial Curtains add rigidity to curtains while adding an extra layer of security and safety. Pipe-Staff Industrial Curtains are completely customizable based on your requirements and are available on curtain walls up to 14' high.

Pipe-Staff curtains add stability and security with "lock-up" cane bolts and "lock-down" wall brackets. Additionally, you can secure your valuable tools and equipment with our exclusive Pipe-Staff systems. Pipe-Staff industrial curtains are also popular in outdoor applications, especially in areas that are exposed to moderate winds.

Features of Pipe-Staff Curtain Enclosures

  • Mildew Resistant Heavy Duty Clear PVC and Heavy Duty PVC Coated polyester fabrics create a long lasting, durable enclosure.
  • Easily Adaptable: TMI's sliding track curtain system allows your Pipe-Staff curtains to be easily moved out of the way. It is also simple to add on to existing curtains to create a safe and secure environment.
  • Endless Mounting Options: TMI's exclusive sliding track hardware systems allow you to mount our track to a ceiling, beam, joist, wall, or support from above using chain or threaded rod. Freestanding Enclosure Hardware is also available.
  • Lock-Up Cane Bolts and Lock-Down Wall Brackets create a secure, sealed off environment, especially with wall to wall curtains.
  • Full Length hook & loop closures ensure that multiple curtains are securely fastened to each other to create a solid wall.
  • A variety of colors and material options are available, including Solid PVC Coated Vinyl and Solid PVC Coated Vinyl with a Clear PVC vision panel. Other options are available.
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Pipe-Staff-Curtain Pipe-Staff Curtains
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