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Industrial Curtain Solutions

TMI's Save-T™ Industrial Curtains are the most inexpensive solution for temperature, dust, overspray, smoke, and humidity control in industrial and warehouse environments. These lightweight PVC partitions make great temporary walls that are designed to easily slide open and remain out of the way when not in use. Industrial Curtains are ideal for large areas that require both environmental separation and easy access. Industrial curtain walls aid in cutting energy bills by eliminating the need to heat or cool unused warehouse areas. They are the perfect alternative to permanent walls. The flexibility and adaptability of TMI's Save-T™ curtains make them the best option for managing your environment.

TMI's Industrial Curtain Walls are used in hundreds of applications, including:

  • Warehouse Dividers
  • Room Dividers
  • Machine Curtains
  • Body Shop Bays
  • Spray Paint Booths
  • Woodworking Curtains
  • Custom Curtains & Enclosures
  • Auto Body Curtains
  • Hazmat Curtains
  • Warehouse Walls
  • Aircraft Partitions
  • Cleanroom Partitions
  • Cleanrooms (FlexRoom)
  • Sand Blasting Curtains
  • Outdoor Curtains
  • and more!

Industrial Curtains

Portable Weld Screens

Clean Screen Curtains

FlexRoom® Modular Rooms

FlexTherm® Insulated Curtains

SIS Modular Enclosures

Acoustical Enclosures

Pipe-Staff Curtains

Quick-Ship Curtains

High Temperature Curtains

Features of TMI Industrial Curtain Walls

  • Customization: TMI's Save-T™ Industrial Curtains are completely customizable based on your application and design. TMI will design any type of curtain, including sliding, stationary and insulated curtain walls.
  • Quick and Simple Mounting: Mounting options are virtually endless. Mount our sliding straight track system with rollers, connectors and heavy-duty brass grommets from a ceiling, wall, beam, or joist; or suspend from above using threaded rod or chain.
  • Multiple Color Options: 16 mil clear PVC, mildew resistant solid opaque, 18.5 oz. PVC coated, polyester reinforced vinyl curtains, solid opaque curtains with a clear PVC vision panel, or welding grade PVC.
  • Perimeter Strength: 2" Heat-Sealed Perimeter Hem adds durability while offering a tighter seal. Heat-Sealed hems do not rip and fray like sewn hems do.
  • Stability: Chain weighted bottom hem keeps the weight down. Add lockable Pipe-Staffs for added rigidity
  • Easy to Combine: Hook & loop closures make it simple to attach multiple curtains together to better manage your environment.