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FlexGuard Roll-Up Security Doors

TMI's FlexGuard Roll-Up Security Doors are unique options for loading docks and warehouses needing additional layers of security and protection. FlexGuard Roll-Up Security Doors are aluminum or stainless steel mesh-doors that prevent trespassing and theft, while allowing visibility, light and fresh air into your building. These doors create a secure environment, especially in restricted or sensitive areas. FlexGuard Roll-up Security Doors achieve strength and rigidity across the opening by using fiberglass rods as standard horizontal wind stiffeners.


FlexGuard doors are manufactured using either aluminum wire mesh (standard) or stainless steel wire mesh (optional), in either 1/2 inch or 1/4 inch coils. Security doors are driven by either an in-tube motor or external jackshaft motor. Motor selection is determined by cycles per hour, weight of unit and overall size. In-tube motors are used for low cycle applications (6 to 8 cycles per hour), whereas external jackshaft motors are used 12-15 cycles per hour.

Each FlexGuard operates with its own 4" deep extruded aluminum guide tracks. Each guide track includes safety strips on the front edges.

FlexGuard doors seal at the sides, along the top and at the floor. Each side has an aluminum panel that seals off the area from the guide track to the wall. A brush seal is also included, helping to seal the gap across the top of the door opening, and the bottom bar has a rubber floor seal at the floor.

FlexGuard doors include a floor slide lock to hold the door in position and an interlock switch are included.


  • Face of Wall Mounting – FlexGuard Security Doors can be mounted flush to the wall when no additional doors are present, such as garage doors or rolling doors.
  • Inside Stand-Off Mounting – the most common way to mount a FlexGuard Roll-Up Security Door is around your existing rolling steel or sectional door. This keeps the door mounted inside the building, protecting it from external elements.
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Flex-Guard-Roll-Up Flex Guard Roll-Up Security Doors
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