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Industrial Door Solutions

For the past twenty years, TMI has become the recognized leader in energy-control doors that streamline workflow including industrial, welding, refrigeration, warehousing, cold storage and temperature separation applications. TMI manufactures the most complete line of doors on the market, including:

  • PVC Strip Doors: the most economical solution to controlling your workplace environment. Made of the clearest PVC strips in the industry, TMI's wide range of PVC materials makes it simple to find the strip door that you need.
  • Air Curtains: Air curtains are used to create an invisible barrier of high velocity air to separate different environments. These are designed for nearly every application, from industrial to food service.
  • Screen-Pro Roll-Up Bug Screens and Vinyl Doors: economical and ideal solution for screening out bugs, birds and other unwanted pests from infiltrating your industrial facility, loading dock area, distribution centers, food manufacturing facilities and any other location that requires protection against unwanted flying insects, birds and airborne pollutants.
  • Swinging Doors: TMI offers a full range of both Flexible PVC and Rigid impact doors for managing your industrial and food service environment.
  • Security Doors and Gates: For applications that require increased security, choose from TMI's line of roll-up chain mesh doors or folding security gates.

Strip Doors

Rip-A-Strip® Replacement Strips

Replacement Strips

Bulk PVC Strip and Sheet Rolls

Swinging Doors

Air Curtains & Air Doors

Screen-Pro® Roll-Up Bug Screens

Vinyl-Pro Roll-Up Doors

Bird-Pro Roll-Up Bird Barriers

Screen-Pro® Sliding Bug Screens

Screen-Pro® Portable Bug Screens

FlexGuard Security Doors

Folding Security Gates