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Dock Bumpers

TMI offers a complete line of dock bumpers that are designed to protect dock areas, walls, boat docks and other areas exposed to motorized traffic from the damaging effects of delivery trucks and other mechanized equipment. Four varieties of dock bumpers are available through TMI. They include laminated dock bumpers, which consist of compressed rubber placed between steel angles and adjoined with steel tie rods. Steel faced dock bumpers include an additional layer of protection by way of a 3/8” steel plate affixed to the front of the bumper. The steel faced bumpers ensure that a dock gets maximum protection when truck traffic is constant. Molded rubber bumpers use reinforced rubber to provide a solid, durable, one-piece frame that is easy to install on loading docks and walls. The last variety of dock bumpers available through TMI are extruded dock bumpers. These bumpers are ideal for areas that experience traffic from light machinery, cars and boats.

All TMI dock bumpers are designed to offer long-lasting protection for walls, docks and other areas prone to damage from mechanized traffic. TMI representatives are able to work with you to determine which dock bumper will best suit your application. From common shapes and sizes to “T” and “D” model bumpers, TMI is able to cover and protect your facility.

Laminated Bumpers

Steel-Faced Bumpers

Extruded Bumpers

Molded Bumpers

Nytrex Bumpers