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Loading Dock Lights

Dock lights are one of the single most important safety items around a loading dock. They increase safety and productivity by illuminating the inside of trailers and locations where overhead lights fail to provide sufficient coverage. TMI carries a complete line of dock lights and is a master distributor for both Phoenix and Tri-Lite. Dock lights effectively light up truck trailers, temporary rooms and other areas in need of additional lighting.

Common light heads include standard incandescent light heads, high-pressure sodium, metal halide, LED and polycarbonate light heads, with your choice of many arm lengths. Fans can be added to most TMI arms to provide airflow into truck trailers where temperatures can be unbearably high. In areas where traffic is consistent and lights can be hit by forklifts or other traffic, TMI offers polycarbonate and heavy duty light heads that are nearly indestructible. Other useful dock lights available through TMI are comprised of flexible arms that make the light extremely versatile. The flexible arms also help reduce damage as the light is not stationary and can absorb the impact when hit. TMI also sells long lasting LED lights that use less energy, helping to reduce utility bill costs.

Tri Lite Dock Lights

Phoenix Dock Lights