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Loading Dock Solutions

The TMI, LLC Save-T™ Loading Dock Accessories product line is comprised of some of the most commonly used products found near or at loading dock areas. TMI's Loading Dock Accessories line was designed to compliment TMI's line of energy-efficient doors, as well as ensure safety and protection around the loading dock. TMI's Loading Dock Accessory line includes a full range of Loading Dock Bumpers (Laminated, Molded, Steel Faced), Wheel Chocks, Loading Dock Lights, Overhead Door Track Guards, and more!

  • Loading Dock Bumpers: TMI stocks a full line of laminated, steel-faced, and molded dock bumpers designed to protect your loading dock and building from truck and trailer impact.
  • Loading Dock Lights: TMI is a master distributor for both Phoenix and Tri-Lite, allowing TMI to supply the broadest range of durable, economical, and high-quality loading dock lights in the industry. Choose from a variety of light heads (Incandescent, LED, Metal Halide, High Pressure Sodium) and arms (Single or Double Strut). Stop and Go Lights are also available.
  • Wheel Chocks: TMI's Wheel Chocks Wheel Chocks are available in four different materials, including laminated rubber, molded rubber, aluminum, and urethane. Security chains, wheel chock holders, and safety signs are also available.
  • Overhead Door Track Guards: Overhead Door Track Guards are designed to protect your rolling steel or sectional garage door tracks. TMI's line of Overhead Door Track Guards wraps around the door tracks without interfering with door activity. They protect door tracks, drastically reducing downtime and maintenance costs.

Dock Bumpers

Wheel Chocks

Overhead Door Track Guards

Dock Lights

Trailer Stands

Portable Curb Ramps