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M-Series Strip Doors

TMI's restaurant and food service division, Curtron Products™, offers the highly versatile, effective and affordable M-Series strip door, which is designed for cooler and freezer doors. The M-Series strip door is available in 6" and 8" wide PVC strip material and comes in both USDA Polar and Standard grades. Polar grade strip material is ideal for freezers as the PVC is designed to withstand temperatures down to -20° F. The USDA approved material used on the polar grade means that the door can come in incidental contact with food without damaging the food. Standard grade material on the M-Series strip door is a very effective cover for cooler doors.

M-Series doors are an economical solution that separates work environments and cuts heating and energy costs, creating a more comfortable work environment. The looped-style strip doors take minutes to install and have a payback period in as little as three months.

Mounting bars combined with "looped" PVC strips alleviate stress at the top of the door, ensuring a longer life. Universal mounting brackets enable the door to be installed both in the jamb and on the wall. Some of the more common M-Series door sizes are kept in stock and available for same day shipping.

Common Applications:

  • Walk-In Freezers
  • Personnel Openings
  • Supermarkets
  • Restaurants
  • Bakeries


  • For light duty traffic on walk-in coolers, freezers, and personnel doors
  • For openings up 108" high
  • USDA compliant
  • Cuts compressor running time up to 44%, while increasing efficiency
  • Increases employee comfort
  • Eliminates temperature fluctuations
  • Prevents premature food spoilage
  • Pays for itself within 6 months
  • Complies with Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007

M-Series Complete Door Kits

M-Series Replacement Parts