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PSD: Personnel Strip Doors

[PSD-4080] Standard Clear,8" strip width,

The Personnel Strip Door from TMI, LLC is a low cost, high quality solution for managing environments. Easy to install hardware mounts in a "snap" and crystal clear PVC strips effectively separate temperatures in areas where customer and employee comfort is a concern.


  • Separate temperatures between rooms to ensure comfortable working conditions for employs and customers
  • Cost effective solution to streamline workflow in restaurants and other areas with high personnel traffic
  • The "PSD" can pay for itself in as little as three months due to increased savings on energy bills


  • Designed for personnel doors up to 40" wide
  • Installation time of less than 10 minutes
  • Ideal for use in restaurant settings with a 100% food-grade approved, non-corrosive, high-impact Polypropylene hardware system that leaves no metal hardware exposed
  • Low profile design completely eliminates the penetration of dirt and grease, making the "PSD" an extremely sanitary door
  • 8" wide x .040" think standard clear PVC strips (6-pack replacements strips available)

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