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Bulk PVC Strip and Sheet Rolls

TMI has one of the industry''s most comprehensive and complete lines of bulk PVC. Bulk roll products offer a cost effective solution for keeping replacement strips readily available. Some of the more common bulk roll options at TMI are standard smooth and offset double ribbed rolls. Other popular PVC types produced by TMI are low-temperature PVC, weld screen PVC, insect control PVC, colored PVC and opaque PVC.

TMI also produces a complete line of restaurant grade PVC that is USDA approved; it can be used in coolers and freezers, restaurants, and food service facilities. All PVC from TMI exceeds industry standards for clarity, durability and flexibility. Bulk rolls from TMI are produced with additives, such as UV stabilizers and fire retardant elements, which ensure that your PVC has a long, effective lifespan.

Bulk Roll PVC Selector

Standard Clear PVC

Standard Offset Double Ribbed Clear PVC

USDA Low Temperature PVC

USDA Low Temperature Reinforced PVC

Offset Double Ribbed USDA Low Temperature PVC

Extra Low Temperature PVC

Anti-Static PVC

Frosty Translucent PVC

Amber Weld Screen PVC

Aztec Red Weld Screen PVC

Dark Green Weld Screen PVC

Charcoal Tinted PVC

Ocean Blue Tinted PVC

Insect Yellow Tinted PVC

Black Opaque PVC

White Opaque PVC

Safety Orange Tinted PVC

Common bulk roll sizes are 6", 8", 12" and 16" widths. PVC sheet rolls are available in 48" widths. Bulk roll thickness ranges from .060 of an inch thick up to .250 of an inch thick. Common bulk roll lengths go from 60 feet to 400 feet, depending on the material properties.

Standard PVC is ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications. The temperature range where standard PVC is the most effective is between 0°F and 150°F. Standard smooth is recommended in areas that have light traffic such as personnel traffic, pallets and light mechanized traffic.

For areas with heavier duty traffic, or for areas where temperature control is paramount, offset double ribbed PVC is recommended. The ribbed PVC is perfect for forklift traffic as the ribbing absorbs the impact of the forklift and the PVC retains its clarity for a longer period of time. The ribs also create a thermal pocket that acts as a buffer zone, better separating temperatures.