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Rip-A-Strip® Replacement PVC Strips

TMI's Rip-A-Strip® consists of pre-punched. and precut rolls that are designed to serve as a "door-in-a-box." Rip-A-Strip® is TMI's exclusive and patented product that drastically reduces installation and replacement time when hanging new PVC door strips.

Rip-A-Strip® is a continuous roll of pre-cut replacement strips and each Rip-A-Strip® roll is cut and packaged to exact customer specifications. Additionally, Rip-A-Strip® rolls can be ordered in an easy-to-use dispensing box that can be tucked away and easily stored until a replacement strip is needed.

Customers can either chose from a list of "quick-ship" Rip-A-Strip® rolls or they can work with TMI to determine the right type of replacement strips for their applications.

Rip-A-Strip® Advantages:

  • 35% Cost Savings over traditional strip doors & replacement strips
  • No Tools Required for strip replacement
  • Clean Cut - No Fraying
  • Easily Dispensable
  • Small Compact Box = Less Storage Space
  • Ideal for Service Trucks
  • Common Sizes in Stock
  • Fits 99% of existing studded hardware

Rip-A-Strip® Material:

  • Standard Clear
  • Offset Double Ribbed Clear
  • USDA Low Temperature
  • USDA Nylon Reinforced
  • USDA Low Temperature Offset Double Ribbed
  • USDA Extra Low Temperature

Rip-A-Strip® Replacement Strips

Quick-Ship Rip-A-Strip®