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Food Service Air Curtains

TMI manufactures a full line of efficient, economical air curtains designed specifically for the food service industry. TMI's Food Service air curtains are used to reduce energy costs, separate temperatures, improve customer and employee comfort, and most of all, prevent the infiltration of flying insects in high traffic, food service applications.

TMI's E-CFD (Commercial Front Door) series of Air Curtains feature a two speed, ½ HP motor, designed for entrances in restaurants, supermarkets, and retail stores. E-CFD units feature an aluminized steel cabinet with a built-in two-speed selector switch, ideal for controlling airflow and keeping customers and employees comfortable.

TMI's E-IBD (Insect Back Door) Air Curtains are high velocity units designed to prevent insects from entering kitchens and other service entrances. These units use a high velocity, 3/4 HP motor, and have an aluminized steel cabinet.

If your restaurant needs NSF certification on their front door opening, TMI's Air-Pro (AP) series is your best bet. This economical unit is NSF certified for front door openings up to 7' high. The Air-Pro comes in your choice of stainless steel or powder-coated white cabinets, uses 1/3 HP motors, and is stocked in 36", 42", 48" 60" and 72" widths. Each unit includes a three-prong plug for 110 volt, single-phase power, and includes an automatic door switch.

Efficient Commercial Front Door Air Curtains

Efficient Insect Back Door Air Curtains

Air-Pro® Air Curtains