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Pest Control Products

TMI’s Curtron Products™ division carries pest control products that silently control insects and help maintain a cleaner, pest-free workplace. From silent insect traps to insect strip doors, TMI covers doorways to keep pests out and helps eliminates pests that have infiltrated a work area.

Pest-Pro Bug Lights silently capture flying insects and are available in five series, the 100, 150, 200, 300 and 400, all of which offer varying degrees of coverage.

Mesh Rack Covers help keep food safe and insect free and are ideal for restaurants and food service areas.

Strip Doors can be purchased in our Insect Control Yellow PVC that reduces the amount of UV light that passes through the strips. Insects that are naturally attracted to the UV lights will have a harder time locating the light.

Mesh Strip Doors are ideal for locations where airflow is wanted but insect control is needed.

Pest-Pro Silent Bug Traps

Mesh Rack Covers

Mesh Insect Control Strip Doors