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Bollard Posts & Sleeves

Bollard Posts from Curtron Products™ are constructed of heavy duty, 1/4” thick steel, mounted on 3/8” plates. Curtron's bollard posts are designed to protect valuable equipment in high traffic areas where forklifts, motorized pallet jacks and other motorized traffic can seriously damage equipment. Curtron’s Bollard Posts provide added layers of protection to your facility and prevent damage to doorways, racking or corners. The bright yellow color of bollard posts makes them highly visible. Bollard post covers are available to provide a fresh look or customized cover.

Bumper/Bollard Post Sleeves

Bumper posts are a very effective solution for keeping buildings, equipment and personnel safe. When bollard are exposed to the outdoor elements or have become worn, chipped, rusty and unattractive, an effective way to give them a brand new look is to cover them with Curtron’s bollard post sleeves. The covers, made of high-density polyethylene, make old bollard posts look new again. Curtron's bollard post sleeves are your choice of smooth or ribbed, and fit 4”, 6" and 8” wide posts and come in a variety of colors, including the standard safety yellow. Each sleeve is 56” long and can be easily trimmed to fit your existing bollard post.

Post Diameter
Post Height
Sleeve Diameter
Sleeve Height
Sleeve Finish
Sleeve Color
Model  Post Diameter  Post Height         
700-T1742 4" 24"       Add to Quote Button
700-T1743 4" 36"       Add to Quote Button
700-T1744 4" 42"       Add to Quote Button
700-T1749 4"         Add to Quote Button
700-T1755 5" 24"       Add to Quote Button
700-T1756 5" 36"       Add to Quote Button
700-T1757 5" 42"       Add to Quote Button
700-T1758 5"         Add to Quote Button
700-T1752 5" 24"       Add to Quote Button
700-T1753 5" 36"       Add to Quote Button
700-T1754 5" 42"       Add to Quote Button
700-T1759 5"         Add to Quote Button
700-T1763 6" 36"       Add to Quote Button
700-T1764 6" 42"       Add to Quote Button
700-T1769 6"         Add to Quote Button
1732 4" 56" Ribbed Yellow   Add to Quote Button
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