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Industrial & Restaurant PVC Swinging Doors

TMI manufactures a complete line of flexible PVC swinging doors for warehouses, cold storage areas and walk-in cooler/freezers. Made of high-quality, exceptionally clear PVC, TMI’s swinging doors are the perfect solution for streamlining workflow and boosting productivity. Swinging doors help cut energy costs by separating temperature-sensitive environments, and they effectively reduce noise and increase employee comfort. Flexible swinging doors are an alternative to strip doors, providing visibility and temperature separation without requiring employees or customers to walk through hanging strips.

Mega-Pro® HD flexible PVC impact doors redefine durable. They’re made of 3/8” thick, industrial strength, clear PVC, perfect for heavy-duty traffic applications. The door’s components are housed within heavy-duty galvanized steel hardware keeping them safe from dust, dirt, and other contaminants. They are designed for interior openings up to 8’ wide x 8’ high.

TMI's Mega-Pro® flexible PVC swinging doors are designed for light industrial applications, such as pallet jacks, light forklift traffic and push carts. They are made using standard or low temperature clear, flexible PVC with heavy-duty galvanized hardware and optional impact plates. TMI's Mega-Pro swinging doors fit openings up to 10' wide x 10' high.

Polar-Pro® swinging doors are light-duty impact doors, commonly used in cooler and freezer applications. Polar-Pro® swinging doors fit openings up to 5' wide x 8' high. They can provide years of energy savings and reduced refrigeration costs without the hassle of walking through strips.

Service-Pro® restaurant-style traffic doors are rigid swinging doors and feature a variety of constructions suitable to many applications.

Mega-Pro® HD PVC Impact Door

Mega-Pro® PVC Impact Door

Polar-Pro® PVC Impact Door

Service-Pro® Traffic Doors