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Medium Industrial Series Air Curtain
Medium Industrial Series Air Curtains are a great way to improve employee and customer comfort and save on energy costs by keeping cold/hot air from the outdoors from coming inside. The Medium Industrial Series is designed for environmental control up to 14' high and insect control up to 12' high on industrial openings. Features Include: TMI air curtains use Air Compression Chamber technology for unmatched airflow uniformity 1 horsepower high-velocity, continuous duty motor for exceptional air velocity Stainless steel cabinets and solid, one-piece construction Exceptionally low noise levels (64 dBA) Optional filters for improved air quality

Nytrex Dock Bumpers | Durabile Loading Dock Bumpers
Nytrex™ sliding dock bumpers are an advantage over traditional dock bumpers - they last up to 4 times longer! Plus they offer these other added benefits: Superior durability Covered by a 10-year warranty (GT Model) and 6-year warranty (TT Model) (Nytrex™ only) Moves up and down with the trailer Ideal for Air-ride trailers/yard jockeys 4 times (GT Model) and 2 times (TT Model) the life from one bumper…just flip it upside down (GT or TT Models) and back to front (GT Model only).

Polar-Pro Swinging Door
Polar-Pro® Swinging Doors provide temperature separation for walk-in coolers and freezers when the main cooler/freezer door is open. They are designed to make it quick and easy to enter a refrigerated area while still reducing energy costs. Features Include: Unique double-door design makes it easy to close the main door without interference Swinging hardware design allows the Polar-Pro® door to open and close on an even plane "No-Curl" strip installed at the bottom of each panel to ensure that the doors hang straight down Please note that vision strips come standard on colored models

Polar-Pro Swinging Impact Doors
The TMI Polar-Pro® Swinging Door is an ideal option for temperature separation in walk-in coolers and freezers. The exclusive Polar-Pro® Swinging Door is an alternative to strip doors, providing energy savings and reduced refrigeration costs without the hassle of walking through strips. These doors make it easy to enter and exit a walk-in cooler while still keeping most of the cold air inside. Why Use Polar-Pro®? For businesses in the restaurant and food service industry, walk-in freezers or coolers can have very costly upkeep.

Product Highlights
TMI International, LLC has special offers available on a variety of product lines. From strip doors and roll-up doors to industrial curtains and restaurant swinging doors, TMI has the solution you and your customers are looking for. For additional information on current special offers, please call TMI at 1.800.888.9750. function pagedata() { var testing = document.URL; if(testing === "") { adcontent(1); } // Professional Door Dealer else if(testing === "") { adcontent(2); } // International Door & Operator else if(testing === "") { adcontent(3); }...

Restaurant Air Doors | Efficient Commercial Front Door Air Curtains
Curtron's Efficient Commercial Front Door (E-CFD) air curtains and air doors are the most economical solution for temperature control on commercial openings such as restaurants, hotels, offices, and other personnel openings. E-CFD Commercial Front Door air curtains and air doors are designed for keep the cold air out in the fall and winter seasons and the warm air out during the spring and summer. The CFD utilizes a 1/2 horsepower, two-speed motor to separate temperatures and ensure customer and employee comfort, while reducing utility costs.

Roll Up Screens | Dock Door Bug Screens - Warehouse Screens
TMI's Screen-Pro® Roll-Up Bug Screens are an economical and ideal solution for screening out bugs, birds and other unwanted pests from your industrial facility. Screen-Pro® doors increase energy savings and create a more comfortable work environment. TMI's Screen-Pro® Bug Screens also allow fresh air into your building while acting as a physical barrier, deterring theft and trespassing. Screen-Pro® Roll-Up Bug Screens help you successfully and affordably manage your environments. Typical applications for Screen-Pro® Bug Screens include loading docks, warehouses, distribution centers, food manufacturing facilities and any other location that requires protection against unwanted flying insects, birds and airborne pollutants.

Save-T Accordion Strip Doors: Strip Door Solutions
TMI's revolutionary, exclusive Save-T® Accordion Strip Doors are used when environmental separation is required, but the strips need to be moved out of the opening to allow unobstructed pass through. Save-T® Accordions are perfect for openings that would require a sliding strip door, but there are obstructions on both sides of the doorway opening, such as shelving or a wall. This uniquely constructed sliding strip door is your most economical solution. It is also the most cost effective way to cut your heating or cooling costs.

Strip Doors
Strip doors, or strip curtains, are a great way to reduce energy costs and separate workplace environments. TMI is the largest manufacturer of strip doors in the United States, offering the widest variety of PVC strips to meet your exact needs, from industrial and warehouse applications to walk-in freezer curtains and personnel doors. Save Energy - All of TMI's PVC strip door lines are designed to control temperatures and minimize energy costs, whether you want to keep warm or cool air in.

Strip Doors - Air Curtain | About TMI, LLC Energy Control Products
The TMI group of companies produces and manufactures products such as strip doors, roll up doors, insect control doors, air curtains, impact doors and traffic doors. TMI's energy control and safety products can be found in airports, hospitals, retail spaces, warehouses, restaurants, and any other facility needing to improve productivity and increase energy savings. A Brief TMI History: 1988 – TMI Incorporated first opens its "strip doors" to the world 1998 – Acquired Curtron Products to grow its restaurant and food service equipment product line 2005 – TMI develops and patents industry changing Rip-A-Strip™ replacements strip system.

Strip Doors | PVC Strip Doors | Industrial Strip Doors | Industrial Air Curtains
TMI's Corporate Headquarters: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Tweets by @tmipvc Leading Industrial Strip Door Manufacturer Welcome to TMI, LLC, the leading provider of energy control strip doors, warehouse safety solutions and a complete line of PVC-based products designed to streamline workflow, manage environments and increase energy savings. TMI products are designed to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers. We specialize in helping companies better manage environments, improve workflow, reduce energy costs and create safer workplaces.

Thermal Curtains | Restaurant and Food Service Solutions
Curtron Products™ thermal curtains help decrease energy costs by eliminating the escape of cool, conditioned air within open-access coolers. Curtron’s CoolKeeper™ oven curtain prevents kitchens from becoming unbearably hot from excess oven heat by containing ovens and allowing oven hoods to operate affectively. Thermal curtains from Curtron Products™ help to manage the environments in commercial kitchens, grocery stores, food stands, restaurants, open-access coolers and more.

Truck & Tractor Trailer Strip Doors, Pogo-style Strip Doors
TMI manufactures the exclusive "Pogo-Style" Truck Strip Door. This unique strip door system allows the strip door to be moved around in the back of a refrigerated trailer, making this the perfect strip door for trailers that are looking for energy savings and reduced fuel consumption. TMI's "Pogo-Style" strip door also promotes reduced maintenance and refrigeration costs by keeping in cold temperatures and not allowing warm, outside air to enter during deliveries. "Pogo-Style" strip doors use your choice of Standard Clear PVC for refrigerated trailers, or USDA Low Temperature PVC for freezers.

Vinyl-Pro Roll-Up Doors | Warehouse Door | Loading Dock Door
TMI's Vinyl-Pro Roll-Up Doors are one of the most economical solutions for temperature control and environmental separation in warehouse and manufacturing environments. Vinyl-Pro Roll-Up Doors, the perfect alternative to high-speed roll-up doors, have the features and benefits of high-speed doors at just a fraction of the cost. Typical applications for Vinyl-Pro Roll-Up Doors include loading dock openings, warehousing and distribution centers, pharmaceutical supply rooms, clean rooms, refrigeration, automotive, conveyors, food processing, and any areas where affordable temperature separation is required.

PSD: Personnel Strip Door
The Personnel Strip Door from TMI, LLC is a low cost, high quality solution for managing environments. Easy to install hardware mounts in a "snap" and crystal clear PVC strips effectively separate temperatures in areas where customer and employee comfort is a concern. Benefits: Separate temperatures between rooms to ensure comfortable working conditions for employs and customers Cost effective solution to streamline workflow in restaurants and other areas with high personnel traffic The "PSD" can pay for itself in as little as three months due to increased savings on energy bills Features: Designed for personnel doors up to 40" wide Installation time of less than 10 minutes Ideal for use in restaurant settings with a 100% food-grade approved, non-corrosive, high-impact Polypropylene hardware system that leaves no metal hardware exposed Low profile design completely eliminates the penetration of dirt and gr...

Flat Clear Standard Grade Flexible Strip PVC
Rip-A-Strip® replacement strip rolls are a simple and cost-effective way to get replacement strips for your strip door – or to create a DIY strip door kit. Each PVC strip is kiss-cut 85% of the way through at the requested strip length, making it easy to tear right off the roll. Plus the necessary mounting holes are pre-punched into each strip. So all you have to do when replacing or putting up strip door strips is rip and hang; it’s that simple.

Clear PVC Film | General Purpose PVC Film
TMI's general purpose film has a soft, flexible feel and offers excellent clarity. This PVC film can be used for a wide variety of general purpose requirements, including window applications. The compound used to make this material is also suitable for many printing applications. A UV stabilizer is added to our thicker PVC film sizes, providing extra protection that keeps the material from the deteriorating affects caused by excessive or prolonged exposure to sunlight. It is the most cost competitive of all film materials offered by TMI and all of our PVC Film rolls are packaged on 3" cores and boxed to maintain quality.

Save-T Motorized Accordion Strip Doors
TMI's Save‐T® Motorized Accordion Strip Door is an exclusive, motorized Accordion Strip Door designed for medium to high traffic areas that require constant temperature and environmental and energy control, such as warehousing, cold storage, car washes, and clean rooms. The Save‐T® Motorized Accordion Strip Door takes traditional strip doors to the next level, offering protection, separation, and energy savings while eliminating contact with strips. Why Use a Save‐T® Motorized Accordion Strip Door? This fast‐acting, motorized strip door is a fraction of the cost of a high-speed roll up door.

Bulk PVC Strip Material - Bulk PVC Rolls - PVC Strip Bulk Rolls
TMI has one of the industry''s most comprehensive and complete lines of bulk PVC. Bulk roll products offer a cost effective solution for keeping replacement strips readily available. Some of the more common bulk roll options at TMI are standard smooth and offset double ribbed rolls. Other popular PVC types produced by TMI are low-temperature PVC, weld screen PVC, insect control PVC, colored PVC and opaque PVC. TMI also produces a complete line of restaurant grade PVC that is USDA approved; it can be used in coolers and freezers, restaurants, and food service facilities.

Insulated Truck Curtain Walls | Trailer Strip Doors
Curtron Products™ manufactures insulated curtain walls and strip doors that are designed specifically for use in refrigerated trucks. These portable walls create a barrier for temperature control and are a perfect solution for trucks that unload material in varying temperature zones that do not want to constantly open and shut the doors of the truck. These curtains/strip doors can be mounted on sliding track hardware to ensure that they open and close effortlessly. The thermal barrier will keep products safe but ensure that workflow can remain steady.


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