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Strip Doors - Air Curtain | About TMI, LLC Energy Control Products
The TMI group of companies produces and manufactures products such as strip doors, roll up doors, insect control doors, air curtains, impact doors and traffic doors. TMI's energy control and safety products can be found in airports, hospitals, retail spaces, warehouses, restaurants, and any other facility needing to improve productivity and increase energy savings. A Brief TMI History: 1988 – TMI Incorporated first opens its "strip doors" to the world 1998 – Acquired Curtron Products to grow its restaurant and food service equipment product line 2005 – TMI develops and patents industry changing Rip-A-Strip™ replacements strip system.

Strip Doors | PVC Strip Doors | Industrial Strip Doors | Industrial Air Curtains
TMI's Corporate Headquarters: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Tweets by @tmipvc Leading Industrial Strip Door Manufacturer Welcome to TMI, LLC, the leading provider of energy control strip doors, warehouse safety solutions and a complete line of PVC-based products designed to streamline workflow, manage environments and increase energy savings. TMI products are designed to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers. We specialize in helping companies better manage environments, improve workflow, reduce energy costs and create safer workplaces.

Strip Doors: Overhead Door Bracket Strip Door
TMI offers a strip door that mounts around your existing sectional or rolling steel door. Overhead Door Brackets are commonly used when there is an obstacle that prevents wall or header mounting. The Overhead Door Bracket hardware is projected out and around the opening of the door, allowing the existing overhead door to run without obstructions and still get the temperature separation required on loading dock openings. TMI manufactures two styles of Overhead Door Brackets: 3SBB – Heavy Duty Overhead Door Bracket: Made of 2" or 3" square tubing, this design provides superior strength for openings up to 24' wide.

Thermal Curtains | Restaurant and Food Service Solutions
Curtron Products™ thermal curtains help decrease energy costs by eliminating the escape of cool, conditioned air within open-access coolers. Curtron’s CoolKeeper™ oven curtain prevents kitchens from becoming unbearably hot from excess oven heat by containing ovens and allowing oven hoods to operate affectively. Thermal curtains from Curtron Products™ help to manage the environments in commercial kitchens, grocery stores, food stands, restaurants, open-access coolers and more.

Tractor Trailer Stands | Tractor Trailer Jack | Loading Dock Solutions
TMI offers three unique and versatile trailer stands that are designed to provide additional layers of safety and security in and around the loading dock. When trucks unhitch their trailers during the unloading process, the trailer is often prone to tipping due to an uneven load capacity or a forklift that offsets the front end load capacity and causes the trailer to "submarine" forward, damaging the trailer and endangering employees. With trailer stands from TMI, trailers can be supported during the unloading process.

Truck & Tractor Trailer Strip Doors, Pogo-style Strip Doors
TMI manufactures the exclusive "Pogo-Style" Truck Strip Door. This unique strip door system allows the strip door to be moved around in the back of a refrigerated trailer, making this the perfect strip door for trailers that are looking for energy savings and reduced fuel consumption. TMI's "Pogo-Style" strip door also promotes reduced maintenance and refrigeration costs by keeping in cold temperatures and not allowing warm, outside air to enter during deliveries. "Pogo-Style" strip doors use your choice of Standard Clear PVC for refrigerated trailers, or USDA Low Temperature PVC for freezers.

Vinyl-Pro Roll-Up Doors | Warehouse Door | Loading Dock Door
TMI's Vinyl-Pro Roll-Up Doors are one of the most economical solutions for temperature control and environmental separation in warehouse and manufacturing environments. Vinyl-Pro Roll-Up Doors, the perfect alternative to high-speed roll-up doors, have the features and benefits of high-speed doors at just a fraction of the cost. Typical applications for Vinyl-Pro Roll-Up Doors include loading dock openings, warehousing and distribution centers, pharmaceutical supply rooms, clean rooms, refrigeration, automotive, conveyors, food processing, and any areas where affordable temperature separation is required.


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