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SIS Modular Enclosures

TMI offers the SIS Modular Frame System from Simplex, which can be used to build a variety of enclosures for machinery safety, cleanroom, dust control, sound control and other industrial applications. This style of extrusion is designed for versatility, allowing you to build all types of structures, from machinery safety partitions to entirely enclosed rooms.

SIS Modular Enclosures are designed with customization in mind. From door and ceiling options to wall materials and attachments, you can build the perfect enclosure for your workspace. Do you need your space to move? Add casters to easily slide the enclosure to a different area. Have your enclosure requirements outgrown the size of your frame? Easily disassemble modules to move and expand your enclosure to match your needs.


  • Machinery Enclosure
  • Wall System
  • Safety Partition
  • Safety Cage
  • Welding Enclosure
  • Machinery and Process Isolation
  • In-Plant Office
  • Cleanroom
  • Portable Isolation Room
  • Custom Environmental Enclosure

For more information on SIS Modular Enclosures, please visit the Simplex website.

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SIS SIS Modular Enclosures
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