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Strip Doors

TMI, LLC manufactures the largest line of Industrial Strip Doors in the United States. TMI's Save-T® Strip Doors, often called Strip Curtains, are the most economical solution to managing your workplace environment. Strip doors protect employees and goods from adverse environmental conditions, and make employees comfortable and efficient. TMI's full line of PVC strip doors and strip curtains are an economical way to improve workflow and productivity. Additionally, PVC strip doors provide environmental separation from wind, weather, noise, dust, fumes, odor, insects and other elements. Whether it is your loading dock or warehouse, or in your cold storage distribution facility, TMI's strip doors are guaranteed to slash your energy expenses and create a safer environment.

Learn how much you can save by installing a TMI strip door with TMI's Energy Calculator or see how many PVC strips you'll need with TMI's Strip Calculator.


Benefits of Save-T® Strip Doors

TMI's Strip Doors are made using the highest quality PVC compounds, ensuring the industry's best clarity, and proving to be the safest strip door in the market.

  • Our sales and engineering staff has over 200 years of combined experience.
  • Common sizes and configurations are in stock and ready to ship.
  • Save-T® strip doors are easy to install and maintain.
  • TMI's Save-T Loc® Strip Door systems can be installed in minutes.
  • Strips are easily and safely replaced using patented Rip-A-Strip® replacement strips.
  • One of the highest ROI’s in the marketplace.
  • TMI strip doors are completely customizable:
    • Angled roof – No Problem!
    • Welding area strips - No Problem!
    • Custom Cutouts - No Problem!
    • Craneways – No Problem!
    • Sliding/Accordion/Swing Doors – No Problem!
    • Mesh/Insect Control Strips – No Problem!
    • If you need it we have it or can manufacture it!
  • Correct PVC Compounds for your environment and conditions.
    • Fire retardant NFPA and CFM (California Fire Marshall) compounds are available
    • Standard Strips
    • Low Temperature Strips
    • Extra-Low Temperature Strips
    • View the entire list of PVC strips
  • Save-T® strip doors are fantastic at abating noise.
  • Our strip door hardware selection and stock levels are the best in the industry.

Types of Strip Doors Manufactured

Quick-Pick Strip Doors

Industrial Strip Doors

Accordion Strip Doors

Motorized Accordion Strip Doors

Sliding Track Strip Doors

Overhead Door Bracket Strip Doors

Truck and Trailer Strip Doors

Restaurant and Refrigeration Strip Doors

Quick-Ship Strip Doors

Personnel Strip Doors

Strip doors and strip curtains, when used in the right application, can allow businesses to save hundreds to thousands of dollars in energy savings each year. Many payback periods for TMI Save-T® Strip Doors are as quick as three months!

How to Choose the Right Strip Door for Your Application

The size and width of your strip door varies by the overall door size and the traffic levels. For light pedestrian traffic, 6" or 8" wide strips are common. Larger door openings with high traffic levels may require 12" or 16" wide strips.

  • Standard Clear PVC strips are used for normal and light fork lift traffic in temperatures above freezing.
  • Offset Double Ribbed PVC strips are used in high traffic forklift areas and temperatures above freezing.
  • Low Temperature and Low Temperature Ribbed PVC strips are used for coolers, freezers, and exterior applications with temperatures as low as -20 degrees F.
  • Welding Grades of PVC strip (Amber, Aztec Red, Charcoal Gray, Dark Green) are used in welding applications and added UV protection.
  • Anti-Static Clear PVC strips are used in Clean Room, computer and data center applications.
  • Insect Control Yellow PVC Strips, either flat or ribbed, are used to deter flying insects.

Strip Door Mounting Hardware

TMI offers the broadest range of PVC strip door mounting hardware for nearly every application. TMI's versatile mounting hardware can be mounted in the doorjamb (in-jamb mount), on the wall above the opening (face of wall mount), or mounted around a sectional or rolling steel garage door (overhead door mount).

For standard door applications, our Patented Save-T Loc® style and traditional nut and bolt styles are available for in jamb, face of wall, or universal mounting. Sizes are stocked in full foot increments from 3' wide up to 10' wide. TMI also offers Piano Hinged hardware, commonly used in applications with traffic that moves closely to the height of the doorjamb. This style includes a hinge that allows the hardware to swing in each direction.