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Rip-A-Strip® Flat Clear Standard Replacement Strip Roll - 8" x .080" x 105'

[RS-FCS08080-105] Standard Clear,8" strip width,

Rip-A-Strip® replacement strip rolls are a simple and cost-effective way to get replacement strips for your strip door – or to create a DIY strip door kit. Each PVC strip is kiss-cut 85% of the way through at the requested strip length, making it easy to tear right off the roll. Plus the necessary mounting holes are pre-punched into each strip. So all you have to do when replacing or putting up strip door strips is rip and hang; it’s that simple.

With Rip-A-Strip®, you’ll get an entire roll of strips pre-cut and punched at your desired length. For example, if you need 96” long strips, you’ll get 13 replacement strips on a 105’ Rip-A-Strip® roll.

The RS-FCS08080-105 Rip-A-Strip® roll is TMI’s standard grade, crystal clear PVC and is 8” wide by .080” thick by 105’ long. In other words, it’s ideal for replacing standard strip door strips that are 8” wide by .080” thick. Just define the strip length when requesting your quote below.

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