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Opaque PVC Strip Rolls

Flat Black Standard PVC

When privacy is a concern, TMI offers flat, black standard strips that can be used to create a non-transparent, completely private barrier. Black PVC strips are commonly used in secure areas such as conveyor belts, airports and other rooms where privacy is a primary concern. Black PVC restricts viewing, but enables people and objects to pass through freely. Black PVC is 100 percent opaque and can be used in settings where the temperature is between 0°F to 150°F. The black PVC strips are also effective at blocking light to control brightness within rooms.

White Opaque PVC

White opaque PVC strips are used to provide environmental separation while also restricting visibility to create added levels of privacy. White opaque strips can be used on conveyors, in dairy applications or other setups requiring a clean, basic look. The material will remain effective in temperatures between 0°F to 150°F.

Frosty Translucent Clear PVC

Frosty Translucent Clear is semitransparent PVC that provides privacy while allowing light to pass through. The strips can be used in temperatures between 0°F to 150°F. Frosty clear translucent strips can be used for strip doors, room partitions or as partial privacy barriers.

Feet Per Roll
Model  Type  Style  Width  Thickness  Feet per Roll   
FBS04080-300 Black Opaque Flat 4" .080" 300 Add to Quote Button
FBS08080-300 Black Opaque Flat 8" .080" 300 Add to Quote Button
FBS12120-200 Black Opaque Flat 12" .120" 200 Add to Quote Button
FBS16160-100 Black Opaque Flat 16" .160" 100 Add to Quote Button
FWS12120-200 White Opaque Flat 12" .120" 200 Add to Quote Button
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