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Polar-Pro® PVC Swinging Impact Doors

The TMI Polar-Pro® Swinging Door is an ideal option for temperature separation in walk-in coolers and freezers. The exclusive Polar-Pro® Swinging Door is an alternative to strip doors, providing energy savings and reduced refrigeration costs without the hassle of walking through strips. These doors make it easy to enter and exit a walk-in cooler while still keeping most of the cold air inside.

Why Use Polar-Pro®?

For businesses in the restaurant and food service industry, walk-in freezers or coolers can have very costly upkeep. Every time someone opens the freezer door, warm air comes in and energy savings go out the door. Polar-Pro® Flexible PVC doors are designed to allow the walk-in cooler or freezer door to remain opened while the Polar-Pro® keeps the cooled air inside the freezer.

Polar-Pro® Swinging Doors do not interfere with the opening and closing of the main cooler or freezer door. They are made using your choice of 0.080" thick Standard or Low Temperature PVC in 4 different colors with optional upgrades to .120” thick panels. Panels are designed to hang flat, providing maximum opening coverage and energy savings.

Each Polar-Pro® includes exclusive Stainless Steel Universal Mounting hardware, which accommodates both wall and in-jamb mounting. This unique hardware design also allows the door to open and close on an even plane. Doors can be designed to fit openings up to 60” wide and 96” high. All Polar-Pro® doors are individually packaged and ship via UPS.

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PP-C Polar-Pro® Swinging Door
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