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2" Tubing Components

2" Tubing Components are the most commonly used for creating free-standing enclosures.  All of the 2" square tubing components are bolted together and can be attached to either the floor or the walls.

2" Tubing Components Include:

  • Floor Mount Base (12" x 12")
  • Floor Mount Column Square Tube (8', 10' and 12')
  • Floor Support Track Corner Connector
  • Floor Support Track 90 degree Curve Connector
  • Floor Support Track "T" Connector
  • Floor Support End Connector
  • Floor Support Splice Connector
  • Square Tube with 3/8" Threaded Inserts at 24" Centers and Attached with Studded Hardware (8', 10' and 12')
  • Square Tube Splice Connector
  • Corner Connector 90 degree
  • Support Corner Connector 90 degree
  • Three-Way Corner Connector
  • Telescoping Connector
  • Track Splice Connector with Plate
  • Wall Mount Connector

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