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Flexible PVC Solutions

Solutions for Flexible PVC Environments: Vinyl Solutions

TMI's Vinyl Solutions division has a complete line of bulk PVC solutions and services. Vinyl Solutions' product line includes clear flexible PVC Film, Strip, Sheet, Panels and Supported (Coated and Laminated) fabrics. These products can be used for tarps, truck covers, curtains, partitions, weld screens, children's products, exercise mats, bounce houses, marine covers, awnings, flexible windows and a variety of other products.

PVC Strip Rolls

PVC Sheet Rolls

Extra Thick PVC Panel Rolls

Flexible PVC Film Rolls

Supported Vinyl Rolls

Converting Services

Material Capabilities

Solutions for Bulk Vinyl PVC

Along with a complete line of flexible PVC, Vinyl Solutions has a full complement of converting services. These services range from slitting and sheeting to dusting and tissue interleaving. All converting services provide additional benefit to your end Vinyl PVC product and help make Vinyl Solutions a one-stop-shop for all your flexible plastic needs.