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Corner & Wall Protectors

Corner Protectors

One of the areas most susceptible to damage in or around busy buildings are wall corners. When traffic is heavy, whether inside or outside a work area, a vehicle can easily cut a corner and cause severe and unsightly damage to a building. TMI offers durable corner wall protectors made of high-density polyethylene that will keep your building safe from the damage caused by forklifts, hand trucks and motorized vehicles. Corner protectors can also be mounted in the building to protect racks and overhead doors. All TMI corner rack protectors are UV stabilized, light weight and affordable. These protectors lessen the chance of your building being damaged and needing costly repairs. Corner protectors come in 21" and 42" widths.

Wall Protectors

TMI offers wall protectors that are designed to keep walls free from the damage caused by forklifts, pallet jacks, hand trucks and other mechanized traffic. TMI wall protectors are a simple solution for keeping your building in the best working condition possible. TMI wall protectors are made from high-density polyethylene that is able to absorb impact and keep walls free from scuffs, dents and chips. Each wall protector is lightweight and will not crack or chip. The safety yellow color will never need to be painted and will also help personnel easily identify walls when working in tight, poorly lighted areas.

Model  Product Name             
1720 Small Corner Protector 21" High (Set of 2)
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1725 Large Corner Protector 42" High (Set of 2)
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1726 6" Wall Protector (Set of 2) 6"W X 42"L X 2"D
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1728 8" Wall Protector (Set of 2) 8"W X 42"L X 2"D
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