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Spill Containment Platforms

For warehouses that use or store potentially hazardous liquids, TMI carries spill containment platforms that protect against spills while ensuring the containment and protection of containers carrying these liquids. TMI safety containers are the most flexible solutions for spill protection and are made of heavy-duty polyethylene, which possesses a high level of chemical resistance. All spill containment platforms from TMI are low profile and can be easily moved with a forklift or pallet jack. These platforms are extremely versatile and affordable. TMI spill containment platforms meet the necessary safety codes for storing hazardous liquids.

Model  Unit  Capacity         
700-T1631 Platform 34 gallon       Add to Quote Button
700-T1632 Platform 30 gallon       Add to Quote Button
700-T1645 Platform 66 gallon       Add to Quote Button
700-T1686 Platform 88 gallon       Add to Quote Button
700-T1683 Platform 400 gallon       Add to Quote Button
700-T1613 Drum Bogie 1250 lbs.       Add to Quote Button
700-T160 Funnel         Add to Quote Button
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