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Amber Weld Screen Tinted Strip Rolls

Amber weld screen from TMI is a perfect solution for creating welding stations that are safe for both the welder and employees working within the area. This material is fire rated and can be used in areas where temperatures range from 0°F to 150°F. Weld screen protects against UV light emitted during arc welding and can also serve as a partial privacy barrier. The material is approved by OSHA for use as a weld screen, but proper eye protection is required for direct viewing during the welding process.

Feet Per Roll
Model  Type  Style  Width  Thickness  Feet per Roll   
FGW06040-500 Amber Weld Screen Flat 6" .040" 500 Add to Quote Button
FGW08080-300 Amber Weld Screen Flat 8" .080" 300 Add to Quote Button
FGW12080-300 Amber Weld Screen Flat 12" .080" 300 Add to Quote Button
FGW12120-200 Amber Weld Screen Flat 12" .120" 200 Add to Quote Button
FGW16160-100 Amber Weld Screen Flat 16" .160" 100 Add to Quote Button
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